Nikola Tesla And His Talk With Other Worlds

Wednesday, January 9, 1901
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The Colorado Springs Gazette Janualy 9, 1901 IKOLA TESLA AND HI TALK WITH OTHER WORLDS Sprrlnl to the I‘hll:\dN|\hh\ Inqulrer. New York, Jann. 2.-Not r|ultt\~ two yt-.tra uno, Mr. Nikola 'Fvslzt \\'l‘l\l out to t`\»lor::|l¢» to t'tvu|Iu<‘t r‘x\\t‘|`|n\t~ntH ln rt*- l-\lll\!\ to tho \\lr\-less \l`l\llSIll|F!illVl\ of vr\<‘r;;y \rhl<-h has vngnged hls utten- Iloll for Ft‘\'t‘l`llT yours. Mr. 'l`\->l;| dwelt on hls work to nn lnf|uh=~r mnn this uftornoon. lla- rt'- gurtls his lntrst |'t~s\|ltr1:\a the most lm- portunt ho has ever lllllllllfd. Itrletly 'l'vsl;\ has horn able to nott* au novel munltt-rltntion uf ~-nergy \\'hlrh he k|\o\\:< is not of solar or terrestrial ortgln. und helng nelthvr, ho ronrludrs that lt must (`l`llI\lll\l\? fI`tlll\ one of the plnlu-IH, While he was rondurtlmr hla lnvostl- gatlnns ln hls Colorndo luhorutory the inslruxnt~|\t ht* \\':\s using to olmervr- thi! eh-r trlrnl 1-ontlltlon of the trurth was at’- tr-rted ln un txnurrountnhlo manner. It rw-ordt-<1 thrwo dlstlnct. though very fulnt. llll‘\‘l`|\lf‘l\lF. uno aft:-r the other. May Talk With Other Worlds. 'l`l\est\ lI\f`l\`PlIlt"l`\lH “ere observed not ont-e hut mnny tlnxes, the number of lmpulses vnrylng, and Mr. Tesla no\v flrmly ht~||t\\~os that wlth Improved np- purntus lt \\'l|l bo qulte possible for the proplo of the earth to rommunlmle \\'lth tho lnhubltants ot other planets. In tellllnr; about hls work and his dls- Loverlz-s, Mr. Tcsln snld: "l set out to enrry on my r-xperlmenta ulong three different llnes: nrst, to nH- cuxtuin the beat conditions for trnns- mlttlng power wlthout ;\'|rc-sg second. to develop nppuratus- for the trnnsmlsslon of messages across the Atlztntlo and Pn- elflc oceans, on whteh problr-m I have been engaged for elght. yvnrs, nnd thlrd. to work on nnothc~r.prohlr~m which ln- volves n Stlll greater mastery of elm:- .____._._..._ __..T___€_,-_,.__ .._l___.._ trlcnl forves. and whloh. wlth my pres-' ent knowledge, I consider of ntlll grnut- er tmportnnee thnn oven the tranumls- sion of power wlthout \\'lrt>s. und which I Slvlll mnkn known ln due wourse. Pressure of 50,000,000 Volts. "'l`hero were, l\o\v\»\~»-x~, numerous points to be found out uhout eleetrlrnl vlhrntlons, and then- \\'t~rt~ netloma on whlch I was sllll ln rlouht. In my lnhor- atory ln New York I was nhle to go only to ElO(‘I|l(‘Ill rllsrlrxnrgeu of I8 ft-nt ln length, and I hnd only renrlred et- t'r~<‘tt\'¢~ eleetrleal pn-sruxroft uf nbout 8.000.000 volts. To carry the pr0hIe|n:< on whleh I wal worklng further I had to muster electrlrul p|'t~=\\'lv‘1|1r". that they must be ol planet- "TY orluln. As I think over It now It »w<-:ns ro mo that only men absolutely strlrlu-n \\'lth blindness, lnaqnstblg to the gr»-:mlm-sn_ of nature. can hold thai 'tlrlslslnrrru ltslthe only one lnhabltad bY n o gen le ngn. Communication With Mars. "I have perfected my trnnsmlttlnl Hhpnrntus so tar that I mn _unddrtake to t-onstruet a machine which will with. out the least doubt be fully compotont to <-mwoy suttlclent energy to the hlnnet Mars to operate one ot these tlelivnto unpllances whlch wo are not uslnu here. us, for lnstuneeja very sen- sltlrt- telephone lnltrtlmentr "\V|th regard to my work In other tlnm-; \\'hl\~h I have vlmultnneauslr Cl.r<' rlnd on my progress has been m0l¢ aug lFI1u~tory. and I hope thnt somfeloetrtf ent onorpzy may be turned to thsundba or man ln n._ way and for purposesjuah' as to surpass ln Importance all thllwg have over done heretofore." ' -:;_t________.--1-':;;:_ ' M-'°"i"T‘ ---- -» -- -- - f----~~-_---