Tesla Or Holden

Saturday, March 9, 1901
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The Colorado Springs Gazette March 9, 1901 TESLA OR HOLDEN. OLORADO SPRINGS people feel rather klndly to- ward Nlcols. Tesla because hls greatest dlsrovery or lnvsntlon evebtuated ln thls clty. lf there are people ln Mars, they certainly showed most excellent taste ln choosing Colorado Springs as the partlcular polnt on the earth's surface with which to open communlcatlons. In tact, we may feel assured that lf the mystlcal “One-two-three," which Tesla says, may have been lmpulsed from Mars, could be translated from the planetary code, lt would read "How ls the weather ln Colorado Sprlngs?" or something equally local- lzod. Unfortunately other cltles and other sclcntlsts do not feel this same conslderatlon towards l\lr. Tesla. Pro- fessor Holden, for lnstanoe, formerly dlrcctor of the Llck observatory. ln a current meglslne, says: "Mr. Nlcols. Tesla has announcetl that he ls ‘almost confldent' that cortaln dlsturbancos of hls nppuratus arlse from electrle slgnals recalved from some source beyond the earth. Tho! do not come from the sun. he says; hence they rnust be of planetary nrlglu, he thlnks; prob- ably (rem Mara. he guesses. lt ls a rule of sound philoso- phlzlng to exaralne all probable causes for an unexplained phenomenon before lnvoklng Improbable ones. Every cx- porlmanter wlll say that lt ls 'almost' certaln that Mr. Tesla has made an error and that the dlsturhnuccs ln question come from currents ln our alr or ln the earth. How can any one posslbly know that unexplalned cur- rents db not come from the sun? The nnyslca of Ihr- sun ls all but unlmownas yet. At any ram, why rnll the currents 'planetary' lf one ls not qulte certnln7 Why faaton the dlsturbnncos of Mr. Tesluls Instrument on Msra1 Ars there no comets that wlll serve the purpose? May not tho Instruments have been dlsturbed by the Great Bear-or tho Mllky Way--or the Zodlacal llght? "Thnre ls always n posslblllty that great dlscuvsrles, ln Mars and elsewhere, are at hand. The trlumphn of the science ot the past century are strlklng proof. But there ls always a strong prehablllty that new phenomena are expllcable by old laws. Untll Mr. Tesla has shown hls apparatus to other oxperlmentsrs and cunvlnced them as well aa hlmself. lt may safely ho tnkon for grant- ed that hls slgnals dn not come from Mars." As a sclentlflo [uessor Professor Holden ls not up to the Tesla Colorado Springs sltltude. Mr. lloldea hellevcs ln llttls or no water ln Murs, rl. temperature far below the freeslng pclat, llttle or no al\', polar caps composed ol frossn carbon dloxltle, and "canals" that are ln reality lenl cracks or crsvnsles ln the planot's outer crust. Frankly, ws prefer the Tesla xuess to that of Holden. It ls s good rule ln lnventlonal sclence. "When you'rs go~ ln¢`to tell one, tell s. good one," and men have become great by obsarvlnx the rule. The msn ln the moon ls gone and even H. G.‘Wells cannot brlng hlm back, but we refuse to glve up Mara. lt tha selectlon of Colorado Sprlngs, as_a polnt of superlor knowledge where Martlsn slgnals would be most likely to be notloed sad understood, la not a slgn of superior latelllgence, what more could be expected? For tho present, we stand by "l'esla. and we have no doubt that are long he wlll not only catch the repetltlen ot hls one-two-three message, but that no wlll bs able to announce to‘the Martlsns tha quotatlons and~ sales of the Colorado Bprlngs mlnlng stock exchange.