Tesla's Methods

Friday, October 14, 1910
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,,,,......,....,.. ...\\. THE "_" ) ,_f:; AJOURNZIL OF ELECTRICAL ENGLNEERING ! Electrical Engineer es' Old Series, Vol II New SENESENO- 21 Veil- XLV~ LONDON’ JANUARY 14 1910 Reglstered at rxhbcgenéral Post Ofhce NOTES. “LIGHT or rm: WORLD.” Under the above alluring title, the daily Press of New York and London have been discussing Signor Tesla’s latest pronouncement on his achievements in the develop- ment of lighting by electricity. Having regard to the great amount of work that has been done in the way of testing various gases stored in air-tight glass globes for the pru- duction of some phenomena equivalent to incandeseencc (as in the case of mercury vapour lamps), and also the not altogether unsueeessful experiments of transmitting elec- tricity by means of air»borne waves to tilamentilamps placed at a distance, one must hesitate to declare the elever Italian to be a visionary. We must, however, await an olhcial statement from the inventor before attaching great importance to the subject in its present phase. All that Signer Tesla requires are hermetically sealed glass bulbs enclosing a raritied gas, and a central station where electricity would be generated, and then sent by means of his special “wireless ” transmitter through the air, in order to energise the imprisoned gas into emitting light, His light would be dilfused light, as soft and generalised as the sun rays. TESL A’S METHODS. lf he has been correctly reported, '|`esla is on the eve of creating a revolution in electric lighting that will cause the metallic lilament lamps to pale their inetteetual tires, and give rise to more trouble among central station men than they have ever known before. He would not hesitate to undertake the lighting ol the whole ot the llnited States by means of his wireless transmitters, and rather longs to have a shot at illuminating New York harbour, for a hundred miles or so from one station, by means of lamps that will burn for ever. ISOLATED HOUSE LIGHTING. lleanwlxile, Tesla proposes to come to the rescue of those who live isolated, tar from city conveniences. To use his, or the reportcrls, words : " I am intending chiefly to sup- ply isolated dwellings which eannot he conveniently reached by wires or lighted in any ol' the ways heretofore used. ln this system ol distribution there is absolutely no ditiereriee where the dwelling is located. The force of the current is the same. The house might be 12,000 miles away from the ' ‘ant or 122 ft., it would be the same, The plant consists of or ly a little transformer, which could be easily carried in the pocket, and will be sullicient to light the whole house, The current may be conveyed to the individual lamps either by wires, or all wires might be dispensed with and the lights rendered portable, The current used is a ‘ vibrat- ing’ one, and can be used for other purposes. Among other things, the eurrent can be utilised for carrying the human voice or the telegraphic code. One plant will do all this without. interference ol one action with the other, This is done by the use ol an invention which T have called the ‘art oi individualisation.' This is a method and an apparatus for making signals or messages nonanterferable, and it is based on the use of a number of vibrations in combination."