Discharge Of An Electrified Body By Means Of A Spark

Wednesday, August 19, 1896
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August19,1896.] THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER DISCHARGE OF AN ELECTRIFIED BODY BY MEANS OF THE TESLA SPARK. In 11, communication to “Nature” Mr. Frederic J. Smith states that it has been shown that a. body charger] with electricity may he discharged hy menns of the rays from u Riintgen bulh. “I rind, also, that un eleutrlflcd hudy is rapidly dlschnrged hy the influence of al high-frequency spark, such as that produoed hy the Tesla apparatus. The discharging action was shown ln this way. A high-frequency spark was produced between two rather blunt points, one inch apart in air, no bulh being used. A gold-leaf electrnscopc, placed fur away from the lniiuence of the spark, was used to test the electrical condition of the 1-lmrgcd bodies-viz., u stick of sealing-wnx and n rod of glass. 'l‘l\e sealing-wnx wnn ruhlnrd, and the elcctroscopc _indicated that lt was well clmrged. It was agnln ruhhcd, ‘Ecu brought to within n foot of the points, and by means ‘of a ,ey In the lmttery circuit the Tesla coll was thrown into action for an instant. On testing the s<~allng»wux rod with the electro- scope, it was found to be entirely discharged. A similar experi- ment was next‘mnde with ll glass rod; the glass rod was entire- ly discharged hy the Tesla spark. From a previous experi- ment, it was seen that the elcctriflcntion of the rods was d‘ls- similar. The influence, then, of the high-frequency spxfrk is to dlsclnlrge electricity of either sign."