Mr. Tesla As A Bug Killer

Wednesday, February 10, 1897
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February 10,1897] 'r H E s 1. s c 'r R I HR. TESLA A5 A BUG KILLER. T HERE can he no doubt as to the lnvnslon of the clonmin _ of agriculture by electricity.. Last week we noted the results nhtnincml on n fnrni ln tlurnnlny, und hurdly u week goes by wltlunut Its nt-ws nt' furlncrs using the tclopluone in their operntlnuls. experinientra nt I\gl'\('\l|f\ll'l\| stations with ull klusls of (f\||'l't‘llT In stimulating seeds nnd plants, or the use nf power front ll;:htln;: or trolley 4-lrrults In runnlng fnrin nn\vhiiu>ry. ln\ls‘\-rl, lt lnny ho snltl to lie cloulrtful \vheth\>r the t'n<~lury or tl|c fnrnt ls to he thu new scene ot’ elcctrlclty`s next trlnnlphs. It will lw \'e\\\c|x\l»&-\‘e4l that not long ago, Mr. 'Pesln sug- ,qcstozl that pnrt nt' the energy of powers like thnt ot' Nlaguru might be applied to furnishing nltrogenous elements to the soil. so that hettt-Lr crops could be secured. This may explain why n Mr. S. S. Harvey in the South wrote to hlm asking lf electricity could not he used In n general pervasive way to klll off the bugs that are such it pest In orchards and vine- yards, Mr. 'I‘csln, with wontesl courtesy, mlmltted the lm- pnrtzuxce ot the subject and said ln response to the inquiry: “It is sure that we can destroy these detrimental insects ln certain ways by the help of electrlclty, but to what extent the trees would he affected hy the application of these means I do not know, and It could only he settled by n scrlos ot’ rx- pcrhncnts. I have some idens on the subject, und think thnt nn apparatus for EXI\€l‘llll£‘l\l'llfl0[l cnnlrl be produced In a short tlmc. I mn resolved to think over the mutter ln the lmpe to nrrlvo nt some tnnglhlc result.” \Ve have no doubt thnt to some people the hlon of n notnlnlt- 4~lcctr|<‘n| luvcutnr dcvntlug llls time to clorlslng lung trnps CAL ENGINEER. 163 :md .“sure deaths” smacks rather of the grotesque and rldlcu 0115. but ill lealiiy Mx. Tesla could not undertake anythlné gf more real and practical value. When one stops to consider ow famine, ruin and devastation atlilet the hum ' b an C%\€§?o0§) such pests as the locust, phylloxera, army Mgt? ani-I P ug, lt. is evident there Is work to du of real* vital importance to a great xnany people.