Tesla On The Wehnelt Interrupter

Friday, April 21, 1899
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vein. N°.1,117,ar=m21,1s9a.1 THE ELEOTBICAL REVIEW Tesla on the Wehnelt Interrupter.-Tesla lets him- self out on the Wehnelt interrupter in the Electrical Review, (New York), March 15th. He invented this device two or three years ago. This belated publication in our contem- porary would not, according to the generally accepted code, secure to Tesla the credit of being the inventor, but Tesla evidently does not regret this, since he considers there is no merit in the invention. It wastes, in his opinion, D0 per cent. of the energy, and is objectionable for other reasons which he does not specify. He mentions another interrupter based on a different principle which is incomparably more etlicient, and also simpler on the whole. It comprises a fine stream/of conducting iiuid which is made to issue, with any desired speed, from an orifice connected with one pole of a generator, through the primary of the induction coil, against the other terminal of the generatonplaced at asmall distance. This device gives discharges of a remarkable suddenness, and the frequency may be brought within reasonable limits. almost to anything desired. He has used this device for a long time in connection with ordinary coils and in a form of coil of his own with results greatly superior in every respect to those obtainable with the form of device discussed.