A Letter From Mr. Tesla

Wednesday, November 23, 1898
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ELECTRICAL REVIEW November 23. 1898 A Letter From Mr. Tesla. Nur You, Nov. 18, 1808. I 46 And 48 East Houslnn St I To 'run Enrron or E|.:c'rmcu. Rzvilw-Dear Sir: Under enclosure I forward tl copy of a letter which is self-explanatory. If you consider it a justice to me to insert it in your next issue, kindly do so. Yours very truly, N. ’l`asLA. “ 'rn s eLec'r1uci\LnNo|N een "Asn sn T0 nxi-LAIN. nn YIM. nov. is, use-i, i to and as nm Houston sv.. I EDITOR D' THE ELIDTRICAL ENBIIIIIK-SITS By publishing in your columns of November 17 my recent con- tribution to the Electro-Therapeutic Society, you have tinally succeeded- after many vain attempts made dur- ing u number of years-in causing me c serious injury. It has cost me great pains to write that paper, and I have expected to see it appear among other dignitied contributions of its kind, und, I confess, the wo\\nd is deep. llut you will have no oppor- tunity for inflxcting u similar one, as I propose to take better cure of my papers in the future. In ‘what incu- ner you have secured this one in nd- vance of other electrical periodicals, who had un equal right to the same, rests with the secretory of the society to explain. Your editorial comment would not concern me in the leust, were it not my duty to tuke bote of it. On more than one occasion you have offended me, but in my utilities both as Christian und philosopher, I have alwuys forgiven you und lnwe only pitied you for your errors. This time, tliough, your olfenso is gruver thun the previous ones, for you lnivo durerl to oust u shndow on my honor. No doubt you must lnwe in your possession, from the illustrious men whom you quote, tangible proofs in support of your statement rellectiug on my honesty. Being a bearer of high honors from a number of_Amer- icuii universities, it is my duty, in view of the slur thus ciist upon them, to exnet from you that, in your next issue, you produce these, together with this letter which, in justice to myself, I :un forwarding to other electrical journals. ln the absence of such proofs, which would put me in the osition to seek redress else- where, li require thut, together with the preceding, you publish instead n complete und humble apology for your insulting remark which reflects on me us well as on those who honor me. On this condition I will aguin for~ pivo you, but I would udvise you to lmit yoursell' in your future nttucks to stmenurnts for which you ure not linhle to be punished hy luw. N. 'l`1csL,\_.