A New Century Call-Up From Mars

Saturday, January 5, 1901
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Jd11UHf§ 5 1901 ELECTRICAL WORLD AND ENGINEER. V°1- XXXVU-1 NO- L A New Century Call-Up from Mars. It will be remembered that Mr. Nikola Tesla has for some time past insisted on the possibility of exchanging signals with Mars, as de- termined by the results of his interesting experimmts on wireless transmission. The New York Sun publishes on Jan, 3 a column in- terview with him on the subject and in it asserts that he has recently seen some curious effects on his apparatus. We quote as follows: "When the National Red Cross, which was arranging for the end try, asked Mr. Tesla to indicate what, in his opinion, would be one of the century meetings of its various branches throughout the coun- transmission. The New York Sun publishes this week a column in- of the great achievements of the coming century, he gave just a hint of one of the wonders he discovered in Colorado. In a more elaborate way Mr. Tesla dwelt on his work to a Sun man. He regards his latest results as far and away the most important he has ever attained. Briefly, Tesla has been able to note a novel manifestation of energy, which he knows is not of solar or terrestrial origin, and, being neither, he concludes that it must emanate from one of the planets. While he was conducting his investigations in his Colorado laboratory one day the instrument he was using to ob- serve the electrical condition of the earth was affected in an unac- countable manner. It recorded three distinct, though very faint move- ments, one after the other. These movements were observed not once, but many times, the number of impulses varying, and Mr. Tesla now firmly believes that, with improved apparatus, it will be quite possible for the people of the earth to communicate with the inhabi-. tants of other planets.” CURRENT NEEAND NOTES. TESLAIC TELEGRAPHY.-A special dispatch from Washing~ ton, of Dec. 29, says: "Nikola Tesla has been asked by Rear Ad~ miral R. B. Bradford, Chief of the Bureau of Equipment, to submit for trial a wireless telegraphy system perfected by him. Mr. Tesla says that his system is equal to, and perhaps superior to that of Marconi, and has oEered to install it on naval vessels. Admiral Brad- ford in his last annual report recommended that negotiations be entered into with Marconi to secure his system for American vessels of war, if a reasonable rate could be agreed on.”