Current News And Notes: Tesla Patents Litigation

Saturday, June 7, 1902
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JUN!-: 7, |9o2. ELECTRICAL WORLD ANU ENGINEER. N17 CURRENT NEWS AND NOTES. TESLA PATENT LITIGATION,-judge Lacomhc, in the United States Circuit Court, New York City, on June 4, denied the applica- tion of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company for an injunction to prevent the Stanley Electric Company from mann- facturing apparatus claimed to come under certain 'l`esIa patents. The refusal was made on the ground that the Stanley company manufactured the appliances in Pittsfield, Mass., and that, there- fore, the matteri was not within Judge Lacon1be’s jurisdiction. The question of the alleged infringement of the patents was not con- sidered. The case was argued last week, the defendants being repre- sented by ex-Speaker T. B, Reed, ex-Patent Commissioner Mitchell, and Mr. W. H. Kenyon.