A New Tesla Laboratory On Long Island

Saturday, September 27, 1902
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Sr:r'rt:Mm:u 27,1902 ELECTRICAL WORLD AND ENGINEER. 499 A New Tesla Laboratory on Long lsland. The public is always very much interested in whatever Mr, Tesla may say or do, and we are very glad, therefore, to have the oppor- tunity of presenting herewith two views which have been forwarded us by a correspondent on Long Island, showing his new laboratory at Wardcnclyffe, L, I., and the interesting tower that is associated with it. It will be remembered that after the unfortunate destruction by fire some years ago of his laboratory, near Bleecker Street, New » :gi l~ ~=' 1 ff" jgifui ‘iff _ Lt" §`§l I* __ fe; 5“`if ,=T‘ "'~ ’ <1 N n‘n " ' - . -|| | ~ i »'i 'it I 4 ~ ~ n’ A : ' _ _ ,_ __ ;,*?'}!$é,»§"iT' , at FIG. I.-TESLA LABORATORY AT WARDENCLYFFE, L. 'L York City, Mr. Tesla established himself in East Houston Street, where a great deal of inferesting work and many new inventions have resulted from the indefatigable labors of this well-known inventor. It would appear, however, that Mr. Tesla has needed more seclusion and quiet than could be obtained in the city, where his laboratory is not only the rendezvous of inquisitive reporters, but is the center of pilgrimagcs from all parts of the world of those who have heard of his work and desire to meet him, either from sheer curiosity or for legitimate purposes of scientific inquiry or industrial development. Hence Mr. Tesla has now, like Mr. Edison, established himself out of town, yet within easy reach of the metropolis. The new Tesla laboratory at Wardenclylfe is about 65 miles from New York, or 1% hours by fast train on the Long Island Rail- road. According to the statement, quoted in our columns last year, from a circular as to Wardenclyffe, “'l`l\is property was purchased from the North Shore Industrial Company, which owns an estate of something more than 1,600 acres adjoining, under an agreement that the Wardenclyffe Building Company shall have the first right and privilege to do all building and make all constructional improve- ments of said North Shore Industrial Company, and shall have the first right of purchase of any additional land offered by it for sale, and under which contractual rights large profits will be realized in the future. In addition to this exceptional advantage, Mr. Nikola Tesla, the foremost electrician of the age, whose achievements in electrical science eclipse in practical importance all other discoveries of the century, has just closed a contract to expend at Wardenclyffe a very large sum of money in constructing electrical laboratories and the main station for his wireless telegraphy system of communica- tion with Europe and Australasia. This development will require

500 a large number of houses for the accommodation of the several hun- dred of people whom Mr. Tesla will employ." It was further stated that the real estate enterprise is backed by Mr. Chas. R. Flint, the well-known merchant, and that Mr. Tesla is to occupy a cottage in the vicinity of the Wardenclyffe Inn. We are not able to give any details as to the equipment of the \vork, other than that some little while ago Mr. Tesla placed a con- . .u. '- v . _ ,,.~»~|_; . I |‘ A I l £93 Mi it <~Ls2@-ff ;‘~» !1 /:L <4 151,53 f ;f “IL _. . _ ,, -12""""“"“=. ~ - it l,¢!:. nh ~ ~': ~e~*‘~f' . gg `f4`! A ‘ a§"= ` ' In 'fg lg.; :__ j_\t, £`f§@_| 7 " Ti' ` " \_, Z l ff ffsigg ';é_...", éi.: Qi. 'f 'ij' “"`w 'Q " ‘ _-_ V 1 1' ~. :- , , Eli? inn 1 4 “nun A I *’ ‘ ' ' ‘ ‘ all . , _ , . \ ~ A FIG. 2.i'|"£SLA 'IUWLI AT WAKITENCLYYYE, L. L tract with Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Company for a power plant equipment. As might be expected, and in keeping with Mr. Tesla’s custom in such matters, great privacy and Secrecy are observexl ' o can secure entrance rn regard to the laboratory, and the visitor wh is indeed a lucky man, while at the same time he is likely to be an ignorant one, unable even to conjecture the meaning of what he may see going on around him. It has been stated that the large tower, shown in one of our cuts, is intended for wireless telegraphy and wireless power transmission experiments, and that underneath it is an excavation as deep as the tower is high, possibly for the purpose of perfect ground connection. A subway with conduits leads from the laboratory or factory proper to the tower. ELECTRICAL WORLD AND ENGINEER. Vor.. XL, No. I3