Editorial: Ferraris Vs. Tesla

Saturday, April 15, 1893
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THE ELECTRICAL VVORLD. p,,m.;, "_ Truim: still seems to be a doubt in the Tesla. minds of some people as L0 whether it was Tesla or Ferrari: who fin-it invented or discovered the rulary field as a|»|\lied to alternating current motors. There seems to he nn question lhat Ferraris invented it be~ fore Tesla ; this lack. we b- liere. Tesla himself admits. But il seems to be equally certain that Tesla inventcd it inde- pendently wi|,lmu: any knowledgn oi Ferraris‘ work. in proof uf which in may be of interest to note here that Prof. Ferraris. with b1 cumin: modesty, in a. personal convenin- lion with the wriler. starrl that hc believed Tesla tn haw haul no knowlerlge of Ferrnris’ work, aml was tlurreforc an imlepenalent inventor of this principle : he furthermore nmlilecl lhat Tesla hall developed it far more than he, Ferraris. hml. for which he deservefl grunt credit. in addition to hav» ing been an independent inrenlnr. Such astalnment com» ing directly from Prof. Ferraris himself ought to relievc any one of a Llouht. annl ought to close the contruvexsy. 273