Letter: Mr. Tesla's Paper Before The Electro-Therapeutic Society

Saturday, November 26, 1898
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552 November 26, 1898 THE ELECTRICAL WORLD. V01-XXXI1 N°-21 Mr. Tesla's Paper Before the Electro-Therapeutlc Soclety. The recent publication in an electrical journal of a paper pre- sented before the Electro-'1`herapeutic Society by Mr. Tesla on “High-Frequency Oscillations for Therapeutic Applications" has elicited the lollowing letter from Mr. Tesla to the editor of the paper making the reprint, with the request that the letter be pub- lished in the columns of THE ELECTRICAL WORLD. The letter, which is self~explanatory, is as lollows: “By publishing in your columns of Nov. I7 my recent contribu- tion torthe -Electro-Therapeutic Society, you have hnally succeed- ed-after many vain attempts made during a number of years-in causing me a serious injury. It has cost me great pains to write that paper, and I have expected to see it appear among other dig- nified contributions ol its kind, and, I confess, the wound is deep. But you will have no opportunity lor inflicting a similar one, as I propose to take better care of my papers in the future. In what manner you have secured this one in advance of other electrical periodicals, \vho had an equal right to the same, rests with the secretary of the society to explain. “Your editorial comment would not concern me in the least were it not my duty to take note of it. On more than one occasion you have offended me, but in my qualities both as Christian and philos- opher I have always forgiven you and have only pitied you for your errors. This time, though, your offense is graver than the previous ones, lor you have dared to cast a shadow on myrhonor. "No doubt you must have in your possession, from the illustrious men whom you quote, tangible proofs in support of your statement reflecting on my honesty. Being a bearer of high honors from a number of American universities, it is my duty, in view of the slur thus cast upon them, to exact from you that in your next issue ‘Sea Tlx E1.lc~rxxcA|. Wann, October ag, 1898, page 4411. you produce these, together with this letter, which, in justice to my- sell, I am forwarding to other electrical journals. In the absence ol such proofs, which would put me in the position to seek redress elsewhere, I require that, together with the preceding, you publish instead a complete and humble apology for your insulting remark, which reflects on me as well as on those who honor me. "On this condition I will again forgive you, but I would advise you to limit yourself in your future attacks to statements for which you are not liable to be punished by law. N. Tesu. "New Yomc, Nov. 18, 1898, 46 and 48 East Houston Street.”