Thomas A. Edison On Radium And The Future Of Electricity

Friday, July 7, 1905
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JULY 7, 1905. ENGLISH MECHANIC AND WORLD OF SCIENCE: No. 2102. _ 439 THOMAS A. EDISON ON RADIUM AND THE FUTURE OF ELECTRICITY. Says Marconi is Right and Tezln. Wrong as to the Means of Talking from One Side of the World to the Other. THOMAS A. EDISON has been devoting his days for some time past to n keen search. for indium, the newly discovered metal which promises such wonderful results in healing the sick, making the hlindto see, and curing mn.lig1ia.nt cancers. In an intmrview with a representative of the Ufuylrl st Menlo Park n. few day ago Mr. Edison sau: : “ I have hunted for this new substance in n. thousand places, :uid chemically examined no end of specimens of ore from diilerent mines and mountains, but thus fax' have not succeeded in finding it in an quantity. I have, however, reached some decided conclusions on the subject, “ ltrulium is similar to X rays in its power to pass thmugii suisvanms, and in effects are apparently as injunma tio investigators. This is especially me or tho X rays. My wife is unwilling to have me ex- periment with them any more. One of my eyes was drawn out of focus, and my stomach was more or less atlected, so that I was serious] inconvenienoed in my lshoratory work. Besides tliis, my assistant died about s yearhgo from the eifects of their baueful influence, and now his brother, another assistant, is sutfedng from a red discoloumtion ofthe flesh on his breast and arms, although he has not been making any X-ray experiments for a Strange that the injury from their intluenoe s ould only manifest imeli twe ve months after lsbonmtiory investigations ceased! " _ “ What have you under way now l’ ” inquired the lI’arIrI re resentative. " Do you believe with Tesla that we sliall be able to talk around the world one of these days P ” “ No,” answered the Wizard, “ I do not look for developments in that line. The wonderful 'thing that will be more end more developed is wireless telegraphy. Marconi is all right, and is bound sooner or later to perfect his system. “ Cables will not be superseded. Business will only he increased for both wireless and oehls com- panies, just as the telegraph and telephones supple- ment emch other. _ “ The .laps are making splendid use oi wireless telegraphy in the present war with Ilusnin. They are it wonderful little people and are np to date in 490 ENGLISH MECHANIC AND WORLD OF SCIENCE: No. 2102. JULY 7, l90a everything. They will revolutionise things in the Orient whsn’the war is over, and will spur on China to be more like the Western nations. “I admire' the .Taps because they are up to date. I don’t believe in war, and sm o. man of pence. The only kind of war that interests me is onshetween the great ‘captains of industry# in which the one with the biggest hrain wins every time. The Japs when once peace is declared will ent/er upon an industrial cmnpaiin 'und buy all the improved labour-saving mac inery tdicy aan. Then they will make things ively for us. “_The machine nations will lead the world and -decide the issues between thc other countries." “ What do you mean b machine nations? ” ‘- why," replied the %Vizard," “those tint use labour-saving machinery. In the last anal sis the three or four great nadcns of the world will he those that are up-to-date in making and manufacturing goods dieaper and better than anyone else, and that are more intelligent and wicle-awake. Unmnmrve will be the gmnt thuig, after all, which nations will strive after."