A Few Particulars

Thursday, November 17, 1898
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60 NATURE [NOVEMBER 17, 1898 A Few particulars of Mr. Nikola Teslsfs new method of electric power transmission are given in the current number of the Electrical Rzoinu. From the article it appears that the invention consists in transmitting electrical power without the employment of metallic line conductors, by taking advantage of :he conductivity of the rareiied air existing in the upper regions No. 1516, vor.. 59] of the earth‘s atmosphere. In order to make this practicable, special apparatus has been devised for the production and con- version of excessively high electrical pressure. Heretofore, it has been possible, by means of the apparatusit command, to produce only moderate electrical pressures, and even these, with considerable risks and difficulties! Mr. Tesla, however, claims that he has devised means whereby he is enabled to generate, with safety and ease, electrical pressures measured by hundreds of thousands; and even by millions of volts. He has also, during his investigations with such apparatus, discovered certain highly important and useful facts, which are said to render practicable his new system of transmitting electrical energy. Among these are the following: first, that with electrical pressures of the magnitude and character which he has been able to produce, the ordinary atmosphere becomes, in a measure, capable of serving as a true conductor for the trans- mission of the current ; second, that the conductivity ofthe air increases so materially with the increase of electrical pressure and the degree of exhaustion, that it becomes possible to transmit, through even moderately rarefied strata of the atmo- sphere, electrical energy up to practically any amount and to any distance.