Electricians In Convention

Monday, June 16, 1902
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The New York Evening Mail And Express june 16, 1902 ELEGTRIGIANS IN GUNVENTIUN NOTABLE GATHERING IN GREAT BARFIINGTON T0-MORRUW. Ula Fllilrf Will Bo l Tall O( Dv!!- lllsd Wlftllll Tellgrnplsy Over Hin Greulell Dllllllti Ye( ll- tl-lsted-llly Lelrlel Pipers lld Soelll flieh One of the features nf the nlneteenth nnnusl convention of Amefrlesn Electri- eel Entlneel-s to be held ln Grest_Ber- rlngton, Msn., 'to-morrow and the rest of the week, wlll be s test of lonrdls- tens, overland Wireless telegnphy at the summer home of Wllllsm Stanley. vmsldent of the Plttsfleld Electric-el NYorh. Mr. Slxnléy hes had constrneted s ltstlon on the grounds. and hu had .e slmller one st Wstch Hlll. From these twoprlnte manages wlll be seht end received, end lt they sro succesf- fnl they wlll be the longest over- lsnd wireless eommnnlestluns thst have ye! been Attempted. Many dlsdngnlshed sdent.l.rt.| wlll stf tend the, conventlon, lnclndlng Mr. Edison, Prof. ’11xomson, Prof. Plmln. Dr. Kennedy, Mr. Tesls. Prnl. Will- lsms, Dr. Perrlns, Dr. Kelley, Stephen Field end meny others from all peru of the country. These ennusl conventions have pro- fvlansly been held ln some of the lsrgl cltles ot the country, hut thls lesson the Institute decided to break ewey from Mme-honored precedents. They srgned ,that s certsln smoent of pleasure could be combined wlth thebnslness to be trans- gcted, and that ln the up-to-dste snnams .resort the former ooould he found. GREAT PREPAILATIONS. In retum for the honor done lt: town the prominent cltlzens of Greet Bsrrlnr ton ere msklng most elsborete prepsre- tlons to'recclve,t.helr dlstlngnlshed vlslt- ors, end for flve dsyl the town wlll‘ be prsctlcslly turned over to them. As this vlllsge ls ln clone proxlmlty to Lenox, Stoekbrldge nnd Plttsfleld, they slso propose to do thelr shsrn ln the wsy of eutertnlnlnk. Local' committees have been formed who ere arrsnging me de~ tells. sud these commltteee contnln the nameslof men who sre well known ln the bnslness end soclsl world of New York, end who have their summer homes ln the Herkshlrc Hllll. The rlrlton sre expected to srrlve from New York by n speclsl trsln (0-morrow afternoon, and ln the evening s lsrge receptlon wlll be glven to them st the Berkshlre Inn. There wlll be nd- dresses of welcome and s banquet, fol- lowed by s dance. PAPERS T0 BE READ. The convention proper wlll hsve one mornlng _sesslon esch dey. The first wlll_ he devoted to the shaun turhlne, with papers by Praf. Frnncls Hodgklnson _on :Ee Parsons furhlne, rrrirl by R. R. Bow- kvr on the De Larnl turblue., Another sesslon wlll he glven up to electric rcllrondlng, the gdncetlon of eleo- trlcnl englnrers, nnd to technlcsl papers. Home of those who nre~tu speak, end thelr subjects, ure: "A New Plrotometer for Lncsndescent Llrhts, and Similar Sources," Prof. C. P. Mstthews, of Lsfsyette, Ind.; "The New Generszlug Plants of`the Nlsgnm Fnils Power Co.," Hsrold VY. Bunk, ot Niag- lnrn Fells, N. Y.: “A New Type of Cur- lreut Trnclng Instrument." Prof. r\. 5. (Own-ns, of Montreal; "Notes on Rnllvvny ?Spced-tlme Cu.rves.," by C. 0, Mnllloux, of New 'Yurk;" Comniutntlon, hy Dnvld Ill. Rushmore, nm] mnny others that wlll lbe of interest even to outsiders. Dnrlng the nfternoons the learned fvlsltors snd any members of thelr feml- llles _who muy nccomnuny them wlll tnlu: drlves throuzh tho plcturosque pnrts ol the country shout Lenox, Btockbrldge und Shcffleld nml vlslt thu many placs of hlstorlc lntorest. MANY FETES PLANNED. Probably the most hrllllant entertnln- ment of any that has been planned wlll bo s lawn pnrty tnnt Mr, and Mrs. Sten- ley vlll glve st their rusldencé, Brook- nlde, nn the second day of the conven- llon. This place ls one ol the most been- tlful -smong the mnny spleudld homes !ound_ ln thls part of the country. Thursday wlll be strlctly Great Ber- klngton dny, for ln thc afternoon the olf clnh will glve nn npen»nlr.concert, :here Will be May-pole dnnceg by ehlldr-on pf the vllluge nt Lho fnlr grounds, snd ln the evcnlng s rvnl country dence wlll be given. The pnrtlculsr feature-'ot Frldny wlll be n vlslt to the Stanley Electrlcsl Works st Plttsfleld. After nn lnspeetlon of the worlty Prof. nnd Mq, Perrlne wlll glve h lnwn pnrty ln honor of the guests nt thrlr chnmxlng plnco Jud] out of I‘ltu- liefll. In nddltlon to these,publlc sffslrs, vernl prlvste dinners lend other en~ Ertninments wlll be Klven. Ou Set- §\»d|y_ June 21, the dlstlnzulshed psrty llll se! $003-by, and wlll be conveyed by speclsl thrln to New York.