Tesla On X-Rays

Saturday, July 25, 1896
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The New York Herald july 25. 1896 Tllll llll X lllll. Believe: Tham..Ta Bs Moving Hu ,t|rl;l_.Ppxtio1q| Tlnt A5002 Ti||u|.s|ul:0rgaul~ WILL APPLY CRUCIAL TESTS, Iindintlons from the Bulb That Have an En\cr,fsometlmes Hsrmlhl, on Human Brain.” MAYI lN.lURE_ HAIR AND EYES. On Other Hand, Rosnlgsn`s Ditcovlry' May Possibly Be Used to Destroy B|ci||i_ That Roentgen nys are-muvlng mlterlll partlcles, hsvlng ln mpprecloble eflect on human tissues und organs. hyd that they may llltely be used Y s mum: to dsltroy dlloalo blcllll. are can luslons that Nicola Tesla has arrived at as the result of hls exnerlmrnts durlng the past slx months; hut he lwllts cruclal tents before posttlvsly snnounclng hll cluslons In Bdenllllc flcttl. Mr. Tesln was found ln his laborntory. Hu was very busy, but he found tlme to answer' the seversl vltsl queztlonn put to hlm ll to the effect of X rays on physical health Ind blcllll life. xmvlsu xr/t'r»:\t|/tl. |'nrlf`t.ns. "In my attempts to contrlbute my humble share to further knowledge ol the propertlel or the Roentgen rays," Mr. Tesla add. “I nm rlndlng more and more evidence ln support of the theory or moving material particles. It ls not my lntentlon. however. to advance just now any vlcw as to the hearlng of lunh s tact upon the present theory at ll|ht, but 1 merely seek to establish the hcl ot the ex- lstence of such material streams tn so tar ss the Isolated effects are concerned. I hava already a great many lndlcallons of 3 'bom- lm.rdmcnt‘ occurrlng outslde of the bulb from which the rays emsnate, and I am arranylnk some crucial tests, which I hope wlll he suc- cessful, und whlch wlll prove whether or not I am rtght ln my conclullons. "Now, ll these material streams nre ln:- plnklng themselves agnlnnt nubslances tow- lrd whlch they Arn dlrlrcllbd ll ls nllllrll lhll nomo »~YYe<~t ll\tx\ll4l fnllovv the routnnl. It In nut ux\r-ntmsllln lo may thot uruuns and us- nunn may he ufl'|\t‘te