Discredits Tesla's Martian Theory

Saturday, January 5, 1901
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The New York Herald January 5, 1901 DISCREDITS TESLA`S MARTIAN THEORY ...--;-1- Mr. Marconi Attributes Alleged Messages from Mars to Local Atmospheric Disturbancest _...L_-1-s lsncux. enum 'ro 'nm Bruin.) _ The Hr:nu.n's~ Europesn edltlon publishes the following from lts correnponden :- Loxnox, Sasturday.-Nikola. Tesla hsvht IGI up the fascinating, or fantastic, theory ss to the .possibility of communlcamlng with the people of Mars, the Daily Mall yesterday sought the opinion ot Mr. Marconi, who il conducung experiments, ln wireless teleg- raphy near Poole, and Mr. Marconi gave the following reply:- “In earllex-` experiments, before my apps.- ntus waspertected, I often received slg'n|.1s apparently from nowhere. This was ul;- doubtedly due to atmospheric electricity. One or the greatest dlfhoultleo hu 'been to produce An apparatus which would ellminnte them, but this I have. lately su-oceeded in dolng. "I should attribute the alleged slgngls hom Mars to local disturbances ln the at- lnosphere." Professor Fleming, F. R. S., ot»Unlverslty College. laughed at the idea. of communicat- ing wlth.Mars, even lt there are any people there. "Is t~hls Idea taken nerlonrsly?" was hls tlrst question. “I nm afrald,' added the dls- ‘tlnzulshed authorlty ‘on electrlcal sclence. "that Tesla lms been led away lay his own imagination. It lg d1fI\cult_ of course, to any that nnytnlngds beyond the ultimate reach or science, but at present I should say that the people of* Mars are."_