Electrical Magic By Great Wizards

Tuesday, April 9, 1901
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The New York Herald April 13, 1901 ELECTRICAL 1114610 §BY GREA T I/I IZA “RDS “M`racles"’ Slyown in é7\/[after of Fact Wayl by American nlnsfifzzfe of Elec- frical Engineezs. __.__..-o~--_- WARRELS' OF ‘TALK ON ‘TAP PROM ‘PIANO WIRE Nikola ‘Tesla and HIS Ulzidlbncc Cheer ‘Tlgomas C/I. ILHILSOH, Who Gives Encouragemenf lo His ‘Successozjn I/ye Field of lnvenlion, Who Elfla/fes /he ‘Deaf Hear, ll in -I ll 1 1;-off, .u=~'-\x~' r£f1~.\. mlmn. \\'llh such hcnrly we~lcn:r\e was "UW Wll¥\|"1 nf Mrnlo Punk" received when hn 1-nterfd the lecture room of Hnvz-moyer Hall. M Columbla. 'Unl\'0rl1lyl|sl nlxhl. Nlkola Teala. was givnlg exllerlmfnlal demonalrnrlons wllh nn electric oscllmlor when he mw Mr. Edlsun entering. 1115 own greetlnghxxd been generous und hearLy_ Whrn he saw the greatest of all Amarlcan lnvenlvrn Mr. Tzshx. stopnvd his work xu\<\~grusped Ml'- Edlson'n hand, whlch he xnook as he led hlm In n sent. The [real ludlenoe appreciated the couriny of the youngsr nun und fe- bpnnded with cheenl for_bo!l\ -' The Amerlcgn Inulltulg of Ekeclrlcnl FJngl~ naern hold whnt- It vu planned ‘to Gall I "eonvaruuzlone" al. Columbln. ,Unlv||'|dtY lu: night. In rsallly ll lu an electrlcnl ex- jpoalllon. and Lhe mon complexe ever known ‘ln Amerlcn. Fully Lwo thousand guests had been lnvlted, and few .of Lhnu than recelwed lnvltatlonu Ialled to mtend. The Engineer- lng Building and Havemeyer hnll were xlven oventa mlm electrical englneern and lhrlr guuu, and every mom ln tho two great buildings was used. 'llhllzfr o(_Fl¢'| “!||rlclel.°’ Whllq :here was nothing exhibited that was nbsolulely new. there were on exhlbltlon Invention: of which th; public has only ban-- ly heard., "Mlmc\ea" were performed in n mallrr of (acl. way that loft. the haholdrrs too dlxel Kc do more than exclalm, Many of the wonder; ln operation Are of (oc tech- nlcal |. nalurn ta appeal phwerfully Lu the layman ln ulecxrlc mnueru. Other; armso practical thnx their value l| eully under- lloaa, _ l’r~o!c¢nur Wnldrmar l'm|l|mn u lv~|r~|»hv»|»'1- graph was exhibited In Lhe Englneedxxg nulnfnég. by Mum. lnmvlf Fog mm Emil u. lla rmunn, ul <‘f»p-“mg- ., D»n|nnrk, ann Mr. vélnlam A. Ruaenblum. or Nnw York. This ¢lhlblllon attracted the enlhunlusllc ntlnnllovnof ull wha nl! ll, nm! none wma lmxdnrf |nA;(r»\l»n Lhnn Mr. Erllncm. who |u\'o [rant mv- 1| In mn lnvmnmr for \\|» wnrk lm was Julou Verne w-no tum nl -;¢»||v-.~r..»- llun being frozen lnlo \h¢ ulr lu ln- hexrd whenftlpn wmlhfr rn/»¢l|rn,url. While nm l"r»nuhmnn'| drmm nu hnl yn |»-nn mul- lud. Professor Poulaeuhuu succeeded In pnuklhu mul an ¢~|~mr1 ny <:h»\\-iq-<1 num, wlrn g \:n|\\'s\‘lullon lhn{ muy bn rlwu ou! muzzhfmfnne draw! wlnv: fwm A crank. Tm appurplus, .u exhlbnod lull night. con. nlsln of n bran! drum. eleven by tlve luchwz, Upon which ll wound plnhn llirv, Renlllnli upon mn wlro ln n uny rlesolro mnxnal, whxf-rl li conneclsd to u. carbon telephone Lrnlxw mluer, two call: of banery and preferably an induction coll. , Speech Put on Tnp. Whennha transmlbkar ls spoken Into, IL :gals ms A Lap an the bdtlery. causlnz cur- renu of vnrylnr strength, ln propnrllon `o the strength U the sound waves. to Dann qhmugh mg Pleclrn nuumet. The <~urn=nL causes the magna: transversely xo mug- neil” (ha steel wire a.| me drum resolves. und lhe mugnnllc llnmu ol lame' are per~ mnnantly "corded therein. Aftenthe lleel spiral ls nlled-which uv' erlllon lake; about SS ncondx. And Kermlls the recordlng ol 100 to ll! words-x Q uny nmgnn lu pinned ln lu arlzlnal volition md connected with x Bell reeelvlng telephone-_ The cyllnder lu ualn rpvolved and Ag glhn mqnullied :mel wlre puns: bnfom me p0lel of the electro-mnlnzt lr form; A lpoclu of mngnelo-slaclrlc~|enerAl-or. |'lvln| ou: eur- rents of electricity a! n. ntrengln and dlroe- tlon corresponding lo IM mngnetlzatlun of the nee! wlre. whloh oorrulpondlnglg' affect a Bell telephone held mr the ear. an re|;:o~ dune the mound: and word: orlglnully spo_ en with ubloluza hdellly, Ynlndalllornthers wan shown the hand form of telapnononflgih md.; dictation machine fur omce une. e band form |-ivu the mn- chlnq nlprnctlcn vnlue, la It makes lt pon- llhlf \o extend the dktndon llmoll lndln. nllely. Thu rncord 1| Irlvod out at the will or the operuor. or retained pemnnennly. 'mm ulnu vm. of malerlu. 'nn' tble- rhonograph ln not ye! conlldortd Perfect by 1| Inventor. _who ll constantly nl work \!D0n lt. Tha# reproductlqn Q: llxnllaliln the sound or the (alephene, me uulng M gh, phono. gnph ham; obvhtsd. ~ Aerodrome Plakured ls Flight. ul a room with the tale hona In the In _ p l mu exhlbllsd- L renurlxbla oollecllgrvrx uronaullcal pictures, Qorn|»v'l|lng D)-m;0_ ruulu; lh0vn_1or twm un-lg, or Pl-ore;-ar 8. P._Lxn|le>'| me mms Ln actual Mghl. Dr. Alnnnder Grahtm Bell kool: m hgm. gnph which nhnvu/l u urndrnmn In 31; :lr at Inn. ana hundrld feet from the ruth. Al the time the DICIUPP ‘vu taken um mggmng nude n -uwdlful nicht at mare than chrn thauclnd test. The velocity lualmed nn twenty-AVO miles nrfnhnur ln |. course at ;=|__eon|lmdy uk | lbs lerodromd ‘up P'u .C r.H ‘n ` ; \an:1n:¢n°:;°Bu|ff:`n?&=?\‘,;|§1:2rhm°m| h (tam: :wut \|¢\s 04 Um gg., U, “I ardfun I", of vapor. One lug; mu; um, °¢ 1_@ “nah paver li|-Med the nom. ual” ordhry 115. vuiutirnct. eurranf. Tha mon; wg |,¢|»f¢;|,» llnnd. nnnrnbla calm-'etlecxs bein; pro- 4“°~\ °\ *hr 'IH 'vt nw um uw. M mm. .¢»u»a l»'|\4n»\.\| u, .mi U, ,, ,,, _nuupwnn we orlaufrnn xml’ ...“.:¢n'"*`=~* "ww "f im,” Mdkvlnur ,cha Wigan ma np-| nl _ 0' IN Kiki dw' ah :Jang nu- !-,Hxwaitaa 131-nam :am lvhfvrv amz me fllzmnlahnzr me mlrrotwle- phunlr hustrumvnln of his inventlnn. by menus n! whlrh lw makes (he :lonf hear. A class (mm the Ns-w York lnsuunlmn fur (hv~ lxwlrllvllvn nf U10 Deaf and Dumb WP" nun-|\\ m lllumrlnw uw vmun nr mn uknuphmw. Thvy wem selected \l»=rnus¢ uf tho mc: lhnl lhny urs- the mont hopvlmuly du( nt nl] In the lnnlllullun_ Amon: them was Orrin Henson_ who han been deaf mul blind nlncc blrlh. Benson has had llve 'hours of training wllh th# nkmlphnug :\n1l ls now nomcwlml staun- mmed to ll. Ho llstvned tn munlc from n phonhtfablx, and whvn the svnnallnn of nmnlul llrnl 1><=nelrnlud hln hrnln hé threw up hln "lnlklng hand" and lulrl hln (panther, who wal wlth hlm, \|\nl um munm pounded sweexer no hlm than IK 4-ver had bvforr. l,n,!or he held n nhnrx cun\'erlmHnn wlth Mr, Hutchison, "Hellol" sllrl (hw young lnvdnlor. "Hr-lla!" responded the boy when llfa hnd no lon: bran mule~ Hls volnn Wu hollow ;n¢}'melnlllc, but hlg enunclntlon wan not ln. , "Can you any 'mnrmm\‘ and 'pn,p|'?" "Mamma, Dunn." vnmn bark from Bennnn. who dlvlrlod the wurds lnllu syinhlen, u duel l\ lnlklng Klnll. "Are you n had hay?" Hannon nhcmk his lwad. For A moment hu sruflled, che-n r»~ulled:- "Dxu1 boy-no," Olhv-r membens of thc class were eager to lent lhc_ukouI1hnnP. When they heard music- nr words thx- r fares vhanqed ln expression. ‘losing lhm ne! wndltlnn ‘ol features that marks xh-we whoxe earn are dent. Far hnurn the room In which Mr. Hutch-, lsnn vxhlhllerl his lnventlon was arnwried. Mr. lilllnon and Mr, Team wen Lhrc. ard rnlnvlhnoluled th# young Inventor for produc- lnx the lnvltrumenl. TQlrKl'l\Il|\ Picture MACIIIIIQ. Mr. H. IL Palmer nxhlhlted n fmc-n1ml\e plniure lulegraph in operatlon. Thin system ln slrnllar LO that whlch has bnon success- fully used ln transmlttlng plrlures and skekchmw over long distances, employlng ur- dlnnry telngrnph circuits. Hr, Mlrhnel l. Pullln rexhlhllvd Ivls orlllnnl nppnmlvm u|'~f| In |l-vrlf»|\lnK tru- ref-r-nl |n~ V1‘nlll)nl|y whloh ha nnnm- ll pfrnlhlm In lrlr- phnns jon; dlrmncen under me ocean. Ur. |>~|pm'» »-yu.-m ~.n»1»¢. In mm lrvmtlnn .»r Z lnmluvlunw crxlll ln th# nm- nl 1||n\»|m~|-| whlfh are small lrncllons of a current wave leng\h_ \\.|n»leN| (clegraphy. nn wnfkrd qu; mr mf. 1.1¢ nf tha r'n1¢~1 Hmmm gm/.mm.-ng, wnn rnmmm r|nv1 ¢|;»|»|n~1 In --lun"-||~»n wllh u nal-1 urlnplw-no um |n1q¢rn|»r\ ku. -me-1 ln the Phlllrgxlne r:nm|\l\»znl. |‘r1»h-lumr ullhu Thlnlllv-n Oxhlhllodku naw rmnry wleniricnl nmuuralul cnmlnllrli nf :ul Iron sphere he-avlly cledrnplnwd wlfh cop. |»--r and mmumnfl mv that \\ muy rnvnlvr nn /my uxln ur In any plum-_ H\|rm\n1¢ll\|¢ mln sphvra nr# three vol!! ln Plane; nl rlrhl nnglen lo muh other. Hy suitably »-nerglg. lni them- cnlla wlth polyphane current th; uv rn- rnurv lm made- In rnvvmlve on nnv nxlg nr nn Any um.-\\nn. nf n may ha mm ln ||\~|¢. :rule n three dlmenalon poly hue nynlem, These an only u few nf lic many lhlngn that were exhllhltod and explalned. ln tha lrcture mom Mr. Tesla. g-a.\'c demnnvlratlonn at nine rfclcek and at ten o'clock. Each llmn he had lark! Audiences that mnrvelled at mhz- wonders ‘he vw-rformed, thougm few of them were new. ith the room dnrkenvd Mr. Tesla walked about brlndlnhlng long glans Lubes whlch mashed in a manner re- nombllnx phnnphoreseenoo th-at vm; no( enllrnly cnnny. \ In une hnnd he carried what seemed l e an nrdlnnry tsrlnu glaho, Mteen Inches “fn dlnmeler. Bu denly A Hash of nleetrlclty gp_ penrod muny feet from the dernonstrnlor. and me globe glowed u lhoulh It were nlled wllh llvlng Hrs. Again the room wu dark. ened_ and from what appenred to be gn ordinary insulated wir; lpnrkn :hot ln every d|racl\nn_ lllnx (hu nlmosphern for yu~d| |\m\l|\d wlth hrn that! dmv: nwny curlnun gp nuns who had crow od ton clolo tu \he dI;m~ 0T`|l\l'l\0l'. Mr. Tesla-nnolollled for the hllure of anany Fl mu experlmenua U min! du, In nw: n 3 a pnrnlun evalo 51 me been |n»n||l'¢<1,. pd "" “