Letter: Mr. Tesla On Gliding Boat

Tuesday, July 30, 1907
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The New York Herald July 30, 1907 M*R. TES LA ON GLIDING BOAT il. 'ro -me Em-ron or nl Hunan The lmpuutlon ln |. report eonlllnell your issue ot this morning tht lui hemnlng the old and ielllcloul |dQ.§ the gliding boa! or "hydrovplin|" I gg ‘prompted by jealousy, must have preyk some mirth ernon¢ than wig, “Q” qumlnted both WM; my friend llt end myuelf and our rupeolhn e&» ors and accompllnhmenu. B\i¢_tl|ll|h nothing 'to hugh :bout ln tht _lik that ¢hl| worthleu thing promhgighg more lmpormnt to the world than gy* I have done. Thounndl of mfllioaseggg lnrs are invested in 9h\\l'Df|1 bi* my ln\-endunn In the 'trannntnlun 5| ”" elone, and yet they ure ku thql g; yearn old. Not one cent In xnveezd “Q "hyd‘roplane,*' although It 'hllbom 1 known and Lrled again and llllgw lad Mty years.- Mfy oplnlon ll not founded theory," u you seem to believe; l'||§| try to be_l| thorough u penn., Ng; characteristic Malt of my fa-\‘n|Iy, QQ me \to_ glve an cummle. Somoilme BQ while I was clrrrlng on my Mnlgg perlmenta in Coloredo, a IDBOHI d appeared in your column: no rhggk thlt 1 wg.; nrnlcxed #Rh aux* Nothlng could be Iurther frm( my hli than the thought that the lnJmiy.§.!De tended. A great newspaper l|"\1|,X¥ fpllouled mechlne dlmcult to QDEQK XIII xlmply run down by e one mllibn 501 power eummublle. ltwtl l~lIl|l_¢ eoletlon that the chauffeur-1 ml! editor-did not intend to do QL» NE weryfnody ln luch a one would lllfii prlnt io deny. Bu! I am A -lt owurred to me that-perhlpl-UIQ!! ed dght or nlnp years my dmltlfioill more convlnclng to the H|\Alm'l tai and so lt comes :nxt I em tail!! :HD (nga of this ngreenble opporlunl\f\ I have dbserved the meme attltnh till garde the "hydro9lene.°' It no Nfl; that long ego I hlt uoon B milk lChU!\'l8 of mnrlne DroP\Ill\°f\ 'Y vented :svolutlonan/. 'Tie |l'N\'l X covered after careful It dY Wm” 0 - -b¢_o£ the same nature ll Um!! ln the glldlns boat. Bellevtx might the of lervlce Cd thou NIU. laboring under nn lllulion. I wrote cog dullngulnhed contrére of the H01 '1‘1men. concluding my letlfr ll¢°¥ “Every Ill went eRort ll to Q18 Should you think xr deelrnblh t I um to .ramona ln a novvhr IM deremundnble manner the mllldll Ilcloncles of the ¢11l“\"l’ UN" °“ 51; cruloh ar. your ple-uure In the nel! (uf-Lwu 0V\*‘|€l’\i;¥xnU\\l\lX`ldO!‘Q@| “ th;l;?lx};\;Q'¥ imleaee ` nmaneni \\¢\’!' tended for publlemon. 'Whlch organ proves 'the truth o! the l7\'°'¢‘°], les npparauces eont 1ro;‘11§¢{D\l!I:lx TQA' New Yonrc. July 29. 1907-