Editorial: Through The Water? Or Over It?

Thursday, October 17, 1907
Archived Page: 

The New York Herald October 17, 1907 """'*°"`_"°' I Through the Water! Os* Over It! Nikola Tesla says that Santos-Du- mont's new hydraplane will not be able to travel sixty-two miles an hour, as ex- pected by its ingenious constructor-that it will not exceed a speed of forty-eight miles. It is ln the column of letters from Hman readers this morning that Mr. Tesla presents his views on the subject. He insists, in short, that higher speed can be made in the water than by gliding on the surface. M. Santos-Dumont, through the 'Eu- ropean editlon of the Hmmm, recently replied to the first letter of Mr. Tesla andexpressed a wish on the subject that the latter would put his theories to the test. “If he cares to build e. boat on the lines indicated in his letter," said M. Santor Dumont, “I will give him half of the @,0O0 francs I stand to gain.” Th communication from Mr. Tesla which we print this morning is very interesting, but makes no reference to this "sporting" challenge of the young Brazilian aeronaut and inventor. _