Letter: Submerged Vessel, He Says, Can Go 65 Miles

Thursday, October 17, 1907
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The New York Herald October 17, 1907 =l- SUHMEHGEII VESSEL HE SAYS, EAN El] B5 MILES Mr. Tesla Comments on the Idea of Resistance Under Water Ad. vanced by Lord Kelvin. F.f\S”l`ER THAN on sU~R-FAQ; Inventor Sxys Aeronauts Overlook lmpm. tant Law ln Thelr Attempt to Attaln High Speed. To 'ms Eprron or 'ms H|:nALp:-- In the European eclltlon of the Hsuu of October 1, Santos-Dumont has crcdltee me wlth s theory which ts not my own namely, that a hlgrher speed can be sh tained ln the water than by glldlng oi -the surface. This ldes. was advance! long ago by Lord Kelvln snd has beg; since accepted ln all classical works as 5 manifest truth. A vessel completely sub. merged and creatlng no surface disturb. ance has nothing but skln frlctlon, to over. come. In attempting ‘to reach e speed of 1M kilometres, or 62% miles. the seronsut evl- dently pieces falth ln .the demonst.rn.tlon| of Plctet wlt-Il the hydroplane, paralleled by those of.Langley with the aeroplane. But ln both of'these an lmgortant law has been ignored, of whloh, owever, no hlnt or suggestion can he found ln the entire sclenzlflc llterature from Newton! prlnclpla to the most modern treatises and whlch profoundly affects the results lu glldlng and soaring. The experiment, whlch. as reported ln the Hr-:nu.n, Santos-Dumont. is to mike will forever dispel the popular notions of tho hydroplane, accordlng to whlch, were It not for air reelstance. 1; speed of 360 mlles would be attainable with his re- markable craft. In the light of the I 'have discovered. that this flldrlng at. weighing. wlth operator and uel included. flve pounds per horse power, will resell only s speed of forty-eight miles. To lx- tnln 100 kilometres-the motor would have to develop much more .tlxan 120 'horse pow- er. \\'hat ls true of the hydvropleme ll-lnwlse 3'PDll0l. with a ellght modlncmtlon, no the aeroplane. But s submerged vessel of the \Vhltehoad torpedo ty-pe could be propelled at e fate of llxty-flve miles. _ ‘NIKOLA TEBLA. hlw Yonx, Oct. 18, 1907. l