Letter: Mr. Tesla's Invention

Tuesday, December 3, 1907
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The New York Herald December 3, 1907 MR. 'I`ESLA’S INVBNUOE To 'rn`|: Eorron or ram HIIALDBH In a .special despatch in ,10\t\‘ day a well known |mpNYO@“k¢j' ls referred to as If lnventediif i englneers. Thls Ls all the lni -to me as I have been l cu ed tor advocating the 1 ' e D the elecrrlc drlvln! ot pro __ , have reoommende as par C d for ocean liners. ' l A common mistake of my or! _ assume that che adoption of ' would necessltdte a. Brea: A _ ~ l Weight, but lt is not go. The. _ tors _would welglkmucll len thnx en: marine engine, and slgned for very 'high pe ph ' would be light. Numeroul A 'Q glnes, the sipecial llghtlxll pl » shaftlng pu eys, supports and# _ pig? could be done away with,” p_ ls ng the total welght and el. besides. Much_ more energrco tained from the prime moverasnd , pellerzvcould be made to vrol‘¥`. ` hlghes-t emciency. In makin( NIU , on the exlsrln§ vessels the could remain ntact. The 38-ith dl _ would be considerable. __ _V , I cannot agree with the ep mously expressed by 'the Shipbllllders and Shipbuilding' -,__, un | V < 'f~»~ that electrlo power trans the only solution for as statedih vlous (letter to thei gentlznn, Irblfi oovere another an er he. NT]{(&nLTEBDL Now Yonx, Nov. 30. 1907.