Letter: Letters From Herald Readers

Tuesday, September 1, 1914
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> The New York Herald September 1, 1914 ,v r \ f"Kf' rv’ ae’ M ew ,Q 4° fm” ww gl: ¢ *€’ Herald Reacfé on Which Mr. Marconi Ha Brought Actlm. '1'ofrnt1Bm'rouars'u|Hnu,m-» The Hilum at even dame oontn¢llU§‘ porttolbeedntthsltthe ll|»ood.YlIF' lea 'rquumph Company hm bonu alll! tothfr1n|emen¢l|l1nltMa.Pr$l|XAlD¢ stein, the well known Gemnsn GIIIBCUH' tocmerly my uelstent.. ltr- lmvenndl enum" under 'hmm numb; rub! 4° me on the vntideae nrt. he hlly htlllnfp with rue tueenulty and dltlll 'wid UU! certam sanction.. detslle, un! how much the sdvnntagen or the ewarahs he Ulf' ufacturee ue appreciated In belt. eviddmli by the stmtement or the secretary of GN \|.vy which you have quoted. ‘\ly patents reten-ed to beer the nmrben sausla ma asm ma aewrnn e new and orlginll wireless system, ch|.nouu1|ed‘i7 the employment of tour ¢.|l’3\lR| in DC' :ect resonxnce, e condition Qll!1t|l| ti nucoeutul practice. Lon( star duff grant Mr. Marconi med an epplioedon. and secured | patent §No. 7ll,772). Whhh covers exactly the same fulndemhntd lf- rwlementa end forms _the buh ol the present cult. Buch ence happen ooclé- ulonally, an lt 1| quite impbulble for the examiners or the Patent Office to IMD abreast with workers in new and qpeohl Holds. .A notable instance of this limi le my single phase Induction motor on -which n celebrated inventor qbtstned l patent which Mas subsequently lnvdi- dated through my earlier aprpllcmtion. In'e recent suit in France Involving the same or corresponding patents the highest court, acting on u statement eulrmltted by me, declded against Maroon! andreoor- nlzed fully my priority of Invention ln all the lmportantfeatures. I have every Nl- son to expect that when the same fact! are presented here a similar conclusion will he reached 'by the Supreme Court. NIKOLA TEBLA. Nnw'Yoluc, Aug. 28, 19l4. ml-»\,=,f =_~-;¢~1»e~r" rf' ‘ . _ v 25%, ‘”a»1=»_¢\ft=;~¢1..,- rt r ¢“- tw" *rf 3 §f;.;'}#f»§$f\ J~fb“~, .~»# . E IAQ, 1 1 . wx: ~ > S). ` $ 15 K ‘V ,Isl . > - , '.'»fz%‘-`$‘*2`§~ " ,_ _ _ - _ ¢»~.gg,; ._ » _ . = I ' ‘ 1; g 1- =;.1"'~'f~,f‘»