Nikola Tesla Tells Of Country's War Problems

Sunday, April 15, 1917
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The New York Herald April 15, 1917 Nikola Tesla Tells of Country’s War Problems Needs in Aerial and Naval Spheres and Means for Combating Hostile Attack Described-Numerous Devices of Amer. ican Invention Already Exist-Others Required. B7 Nlkoll Tesll. The _conquest of elements. annlhllmtlorl of dlstsnce ln'the trsnnnlsslon of fore? and numerous other revolutionary' ndf vsnces hsve brought us fsco to fsco wlthl problems new snd unforeseen. To meetl these ls an lmperstlve necessity rendered ospeclmlly. pressing through the struggle which ls no\v belnz waged ‘between ns- tlons on it stupendous scsle unprecedented ln hlstory.` Thls country, flndlng lt impossible to rermnln longer sn tnmctlve witness o‘.f me~ I ¢Il.nevs.l lmrburlsm and dlsrekard of sacred |rl|*hts, has taken up arms ln 1' splrlt hrosd !s.nd tmpartlsl `snd ln the interest of hu- |ma.nlty and peace. Its pnrtlclvatton wlll ;be absolutely declslvo ss regards the flnsl result, but those who elwect s. speedy termlnstlon of the conflict should unde- oelve themselves. Wsr, vhowever complex, ls essentially s mechnnlcsl process, end, in conformity with s. unlverssl prlndp.e, its duration must be proportlonate to the masses se! ln motion. The truth of this law is borne out by 'previous records. from whlhh lt may he calculated tha.t', barring condltlonl entirely out of the ordlnnry, tho pertod should be from flvo to six years. Great freedom of lnstltutluns, such ss Iwo are privileged to enjoy, is not :on- |duclve to safety. Mlllturlsm is objection- able, but a et-rtnln amount of organlzed dlsclpllne ls Indispensable to s. hetlthy nstlonnl body. Fortunately, the recognl-` tlon.ol this fact has not come too late. for there is no lmmedlste dongen as nlsrmlsts 'would"multe us believe. '1*hs‘ gegoixrsphlcnl posltlon of this country ltsl vsst resources and vveslth. the energy and superior 'tntelllgence -of ll-s people, Imske It virtually unconqucrable. We Would win fn the lfud. There ls no nation to sttnck us thst would not be ultimately defeated ln the sttempt. Hut events of the last tthreo yesrs have shown that u. comblnatlon of msny lnlmlcal powers ls possible. und for such an emergency tho llnlted Stntes ts wholly unforepsred. The flr-st efforts must therefore ‘bo devoted to the perfection of the best ples. for nattonal protection. This ldos hu taken hold _of the minds of people snd Krrst. results msy be expected flrom Its crestlve lmuflnatlon ilred by thls oc- culvn. such ss may 'ln ll. large measure ilccompenne for the awful wnstngr: of wnr. _ While the chief reliance ln this perlluusl situation must be placed on the army and] navy, lt ls of the zrestest importance to provide s blz fleet of ueroplsnen and (l|‘l|z|L hles for qulck movement and ohsvrvutlonc slso 1 [rent number nf small hlllh speerl craft. cspshle of fulfllllnz vnrloun vltsl duties ss csrrlers and Instruments of dn. fence. These. together with the wireless. will be very effective sgnlnst the U-bout. of which the cunnlns' and nclentlflc enemy ~hs.s msde s. formldsble wespon. threaten- lnr; to~ psrslyze the commerce of tho world. . - As the first expedient for bronklng the submarine blockade, the schomn oI,cn1- ploylnx hundreds nf small vessels. sd- ,-nnwd by Mr. W. llenmnn, rhulrmnn of the United sums shinnlns Ronrd, ls a most excellent one, which cannot fnll to succeed. Another measure whsch will crm- sldersbly reduce thc toll ls to use every posslhle menns for rlrtvlnr the lurklng enemy fsr out lntn the sen. thu~= axtenrllnz the dlstsnce st. which he must nperste nnd thereby lessening his chances. But rt perfect sppsmtus for rovenllnz his prrs- ence ls what ls most needed ut this mo- ment. Several Devices Known. A number of devices. msgnetlc. electric. lelectro-magnetic or mechanlcal. more or less known, are svsllsbln for this p\arpo!e. yn my own experience lt. wss demonstrated that thv small packet boat ls espsble of sflectlng | sensitive msznetlc indicator st l 1 rt dtstsnce of stew mlles. Bur this effect, can be nullified ln seversl ways. VVlt.h s different form of wireless Instrument do-l vlsed by me some years sgo lt wls found practicable to 100118 A body of metslllctore below the ground. and lt seems that L inb~ msrlns could be slmllsrly detected( Sound waves may also be resorted to. hut they cannot bd depended upon. An- other mnthod ls that of reflection, which mlxht be rendered practicable, though It ls hsndlcspped by experiment-sl dlfflcultlss well nigh lnsupersble. lm the present stste of the nrt the wireless prlnclple ls the most._promlslng of ull, nrtd there lr. no doubt that lt will be applied with telllng effect. ‘But we must be prepared for the udvent of s large srmored uubmsrlne of great crulslnk rsdlus, ipeed end destruc- tive power which will hsvs to be combstted ln other wsys. _ For the time bein( no effort should be lspsrod to develop serltl mschlnes und motor boats. The effectlveness of these lean be lsrkely lncrolsed by me use of s. lturhlno, which his been repeatedly re- *fsrrcfl to ln the Hzmnn ar* ls ldeslly suited for such purposes on account of its extreme lightness, reverslblllty snd other, mcchnrlcsl features, i