Has Nikola Tesla Spoken With Mars?

Tuesday, January 1, 1901
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The New York Journal And Advertizer January 1, 1901 *ASTRQNQMERS Now TALK or ‘ | I ' ' e ‘ SIGNALLING PLANET MARS §§+++*+++N»§++#§+++++++¥++++++ 4f++§H+# H 440644->¢ 4 446+ N4 444 ++++»o+4+4¢§+4¢+++++ Q + + 4. + HZXS N I KGLZX I ESL/il SDOKEN WITH MZXIQSP ~ t ¢ 4 Chicago, Dec. 31.-Nikola. "Feels, the great electrician. writes: 1 f The retrospect is glorious, the prospect is lnsplrlng; much' might be said of bQ1_h -f 1 But one Idea dominates my mind. This-my beet, my dearest-is for your noble cause. I have observed I _,_ electrical actions which have appeared lnexpllcable. taint and dncertaln though they were, and they have li given me a. deep convlctlon and foreknowledze that ere lon: all human beings on this globe. as one, will turn 4 ¢ the eyes on the flrnmment- above with feelings eo! love and reverence, thrllled by the glad news: it “Brethx-eu. we have u message from another world, unknown and remote. it rendu OSB-'l‘\\'0-~ i l THREE-” (Signed) NIKOLA TESLA. ,_ jx Several months ago Nikola Tesla madc a iourney to Colorado. He went up among the mountains, away from 1 1 human habitation- There hc made many crpcrimcnta. His pct dream for years has been lo ascertain If the planets 7 are illlldbfvlfd. Is it possible #hat ln some muaterioizs xcay this electrical wizard has reeeiucd a message from Mars!