Mars Described By C. Flammarion

Thursday, January 10, 1901
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The New York Journal And TESM PHEPAHES TU' SEND MESSAEES TI] NMH5. Q The Electrician Says That He Will Soon Be Able to Es- tablish Communication with That Planet. 'Believes Martians Have Sig- nalled Earth and That Un- inteléligible Messages Have] Been Received. ' ‘Expects to Have Definite Re- su'ts at an Early Date-Man coni Thinks the Schom a Feasible One. e ls: Ru! our idea dfmlirmln my mlml. That-my basl and dearest-#Ia for for 1/UIIT noble cause. Brethren, we have a nnenage from another world, un- known and femme. It read-s: ONE- T\V()-THRICE.-Nllwlu Tellu in IM Journal, January 1. 1901. Any {|f0I?l(l|7ldH0l| z-omlng frmn ’l`rs!n url!! be rrrducrl with consldcr- able lncrcrlnlllh/_ Hin assfrllon L1 rrmnlc Io the point of {mpossl|»HHy.- Profruor H. I. Ilrmm, United States Nara! Observatory, Jumun~y 3, In the Journal. You can real nssvnrd that ll ls lnnaainnlive and vl4ionar|l,-Profcs- snr A. S. Skinner, Unblad Btales Naval Observatory, January 3, in the Journal. I have read ol the alleged discov- ery made by Tala bu! would rallrer nat :poo ko] U. Prolesaor Tj J. J. See, United Slate; Naval Observa- V 1071/, January 3, in ihe Journal. ICOLA TESLA, the great elvectrlcall cxperlmsnu-r., ls busy at work an! n'n-ausmlgter and s recblver tlxnt he bglleves wllllestsbllnh as sn`|ccom» pllshvd tact communlcntlon betwern thls planet snd Mats. When n reporter for the Journal uw hlm yesterday, lu hls lnlwrr tory, st No: 46 Houston street, he was ldrnwlng on pnprr zlg-zag llues tlxlt looked illkc the teeth of su oId~st:'le up-and-duwn mill uw. "I sm propnring,¥ he snld, "for the :greatest experiment lhnt has ever been made on this planet. Sooner or lnlnr X shall n-srnbllslx rvxumuulcnllon wllh Msn. I nm certain that the In-hlbltlnts o( that plnnrt lmvv many (lines endeavored tu slgnsl this earth. Im: we have nevvr had Instruments ot suUlclc-nt zlellcsry to rf:» lcclre their messages, nor lnstruments po\v~ ierful enough to snswcr thvm, At lsst we -have the tvrmer, and I wlll soon have (he |n}'§ir`»~i|1 remain cum only 1° decipher lhr-lr messlgvs Ind snswer them. “Msrtlsns Mare Advanced." "IL ls more t/han posslblc thst the Mn- tlsns wlll read our mesugu lo them be- fore we un read fhelrs, bceluse I bs- llgvg mp- |r¢ n more sdrsnced people thnx vm src. Advertizer January 10, 1901 "Already I hun n lrnusmlner that ls. I lm certlln, of sullclent power lo lend 1 message to Msrs with strength enough tu' operate s delicate telegraph Instrument. A beglnnlng has been malls and the [rent re lult will |000 be nC\ll¢\'ed." Hlgnor Gulseppe llnrconl, the Inventor oi wlrelesn tehrgrnphy, nld to the London correspondent of the Journal aestenlsyz "It ls not Impossible to resl e tele rnphlc tommunlcltlon between the clrtg und Mars, provlded Mars ls lnhuhlled. Elec- Yrlcsl science ln able to overcome lhe mlll- Ions of mllel thlt lnwrpowe between ns. Mr. Tull ls; I belleve, sure to succeed In hln oiortn to estlblllh ihll c