Tesla And His Work

Monday, November 21, 1898
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The New York Sun November 21, 1898 lf izsit¢5`1nb..n1u-..v°lKf*, ` ',<_ -.."~--‘ \\' ‘ rt: 'n Varldns Fleids el Investlgag II Ido l - , ,- 7 1 tion -nésrrtne-a r»y_Hio¥¥1"-. , . `,Tp 'rss Enrroaoy ‘rss Btm~$tY= Fld N W3 been ' for 'other 'urnnt' rlntlee. I would befor! thls have scknowledzed your: hlthfl W\“T°°'“`, uve efnmr|sl` or Nov. 13. seen earnest oomi' mentssnd the frequent svldengeaofthehllh' est epnreclatlon of my labors hr- m°=-}'h° "f the recoanlzed lesdemol thls day lu Q°|°“¢m° sneculstlon. discovery and ‘lnY§D¢|°H 5" 1* powerful stlmulus."snd ‘I am .¢§h““"“l 19" them. There ls inothlnz that. alree mb N3 much strength and couraza as the feel§n¢.thl¢ than-the .ne 'eonreu-nt ¢oi\ldl° M"-f°'"* In me. - Permlt rne on thlspceaalon to make I few statemenlawhtolxfrllldallne my lnltlnb tp tht varlons fleldl of lnveetlzatlonydn ha" ¢Q“°Y!°d upon. . - _ I cannnt buqorstetully ack|l‘ow1ed|re_myln-, rlshtednese to oarller workers. ss Dr. Herts ann Dr. Lodge. ln mv efforts to produce-a Prnt-_ tlcal and economical llthtlnl'||`Xl¢0m ml' 'lm llnes whlch I flrst dlsclosed 11 s lecture at Folumhln Fnlleze ln.]8fl)I. There exlsts s nell- ular error ln rezard to thls Ilzhtt lusamllffh M “It 'fl' 'l7!?l’\f!'U6 INET!! (111 bvnbtnhed ibtthmst nnerstlon of heat. The enthuslssm of.Dr. lxvlge ls qmbahly reeponelhle for thls error. which I have nolnt.ed,outesrly.by shollhlr the lmposslbllltyol reaohlnma hlzh vlbrstlon with- out kotrm thruurh fha* or Modagentol Innes. 0n_.purely theoretical nrroundrsuoh a result ls thtnkable. but ft would tmvly a"devlce for starting the vibrations of unattainable qualltlns,-Inasmuch as ltwould have to be en- tlrely devold'of lnertla and other prcpértles of ' rnstter. Thouih I have cancer-tlons ln this re- zard. I dlsmlss lor the present thls nroposltlon as belnz Impossible, We cannot nroduce llkht, I wlthont. heat. but we can surelvprudnce a mor efllelent llght than that nbtalned ln the incan- descent lamp. which. thouzh a heautlful ln- ventlon. ls sadly laoklnz ln the feature ofeftl- vienrrv. As the flrst step toward thls reallzatlon I found lt necessary to invent some method_ for trnnsfnrmlnz. economically .the Ordinary' currcnts as furnlshcd from the llzhtlnz clr- cults lnm elnetrtr-sl vlhratlnnsof :rest rapldlty. Thls was a dlmault problem and It was only recently that I wasable to announce its nrsotl- _ cal and thozonzhly saustaetery solntlon. But thls was not th6'only‘requlremsnt ln'a system 'ntthls lflnd. It was nioessary also to lnoroase the lntenslty of the llzht. whlch at first was very feeble. ; In thls direction. too. I met wlth~ Yvlhvlvts mwsss: srrrhat at' nresshv|'srn‘»sr6~ -duolnz s thorpulhly servlcasbld and eoonoml- Qll lllht of any dYslrod lntenslty.‘,I do not moan to say that th s system wlll revolutionize Uloee ln use at present. whlohfhsve resulted from the co-operatlon at many sble men-I em only sure that lt wlll have its nelds of useful- ness. ' - Ae to the vldes of rendorlnz the energy ot thi. sun avsllable for lndustrlalpurposes. lt_fssol- nated me early. hutl mustadmltlt was onlylons' after I dlsegjered the rotatsnz msznetle held that it took a drm hold upon my mlnd. In as- salllnz the nrpblem I found two poaslble ways of eolvlnt lt.. Either power was to be devel- oped on the spot by convsrtlng the enerzy ol the sun‘s rsdlatlons or the enemy of vast reser- volrs was to be trnnsmltted economically to any distance. Thouzh there were other possl- blq sourmss of economlonl power. only the two solutlons mentloncd ofIer the ldeal feature of .wwur belnx,_ol3t.nlued without any consumn- tlon ot material. After lonz thought I llnnlly arrived at two solutlons, but on the Brat 01 lbw- namely. that rererrlnz to tho _de- velopment of power ln any loeallty from the sun's rsdlatlona. I cannot dwell nt present The system of power trnnsmlsslon wlthout wlrcs. ln tho form ln whlch Ihave described lt recently. orlsrlnated ln thls manner. Startlnz from the two foals that the earth was n con ductor insulated in spaoofand that a body can not bo ohnrltod wlthout oauslnz an equlvalent displacement of electrlclty ln the earth. I un dertook to eonstruot n machine sulted for crestlnz as lsrue a ulsplaesment as nosslbli, ol the enrth's electrlcity charge ln ranld succession a bod Insulated ln space. thus altering nerlodlcally t Ie amount ol electrlclty ln the earth. and consequently the pressure sll over lts surface. It was nothlnz but what ln mechanlrrs la a pumI1.Iorcln|: water _from a l:J.ma,rasarvnlrJnta_a_small one and Thls machlne 'was dlmply to charzo and ds hack mzaln. Prlmnrllr I contemplated only the sending of messales to zrcnt dlsuanccs ln thls manner. and I descrlhed the scheme ln de- tall. polntlns out on that occsslon the lmwr- umsor usgnalnmg cegaln elect.-real condl- ‘tlons or me eartn. Tho attracuvs feature or this nlun was that the lntenslty of the slzuals should dtmtoleh very little ‘wlt-h the-dismncm and. 'tn faot. should not dlinlnlsh at all. lt lt were` not for certaln loesoe oeenrrlnz. chledy ln the atmosphere. As all my Drevlous Ideas, thls one. too. received the treatment of Mar- svas, but‘lt'orml.»noV0l1beleos» lho basis or what ls now known us “wlrcloss telezrnvhy." Thls, statement wlll hear rl¢0J‘0\\s sxanalna- tlon. but lt. ls not made wlth the Intent olde- traetlnz from tho merlt of otlhers. On the contrary. lt ls wlth zroat nleasure that I ac- knowledzs the curly work of Dr.Lodze. the brllllant exnerlments of Mdrconl. and of n later experlrnent r ln:thls llno. Dr. Blaby of Ber- tiew, -sate News I- el-bonded townntern _sf nous: 1:-»~-nl.-»v~ne and J. surgunxtted.-It to Iielrnholtz on the occsslnu ol hle vlslt to thla country. Ile unhnsltntlnzrly sald' that howor could certnlnly bo transmlttod ln this manner. but he doubted that I could ever t>rodur;4l\,‘nn‘ annnrstus capable ofcreatlnz tho__hlgh raids# silres ol a number of mllllons ol volts. which were reuulrsd to attack the problomlvlth any cnnmfr. of e'l1'L'Ue1s. and mln. fcnuld overcome the dlmcultles of lnsulntlon, Inmosslble as thls problem seemed st llrst. I was ,fontunnteito ‘master lt'ln a comparatlvsly shorttlme. und lt was ln Derfeotlgi Lhls apparatus that I came to a turnlnz nolnt’ln the development of thls ldes. I. nnmely. at _once observed thht the slr. whlch ls) nerfect Insulator for current; nroducou uy orolnnrv apparatus. was ehslly traversed br currents lurnlshsd by my lm- nroved machine. zlvlnz n tension of some- thlnu like two and a hall mllllon volts, A Iur- ther lnreatlzatlon ln this dlrectlon--led to an- other valuable fact. nnmely. that tho conduc- tlvltv of tha slr for these currgnts lncrensed very ranldly wlth lts dezree QI rurofsctlon. and "nt once the trnnsmlsslon )f merry through the upnerslrntnof the alr.whlch. wlthout such results as I have ohtnlnnd, would bo nothln! more thnn a drcnm. became esslly realize. b1¢,_ This appears sll the more certain. as I (Gund it qullo practicable to transmit. under .oondltlnns such as sxlst Ir holahtsrfwell ex- plored. olectrlcnl enemy ln larze amounts. I have tl\us overcome all the chlef obstacles whlch orlzlunlly stood ln tho way. and the suc- cess of my system nowfrests merely on _snarl- ncerlnlr sklll. - Ileferrinlz tn my latest lnventlon. I wish tg brlni but a nolnt whloh has been overlooked, I arrived, as has been stated. at the ide; throunh entlrelyabstrnct speculations nn gh, humsn ornsnism. /which I cnncelved to be n srl!-pronelllnz mnohlue. the motions ot wblch nr" Eovernsrl hy lmnresslons received throuzh the ere. Endesvorlmr to nongtrugt Q me:-hnnlcsl model rcsemlyllnz ln its essentrsl_ msterlnl features the.humnn body, I was led to cornhlne n contmllinz doglce. nr orlan sen- nltlve to ccrtnlu waves, w|t'h a body provided with nropelllnu and dlrcctlnn' Ineuhanlsm. and the rest nntursllv followed. Orlzinslly the ldon Interested* me only from the plelonggnr, polntnf vlew. hutsofm I saw that I had msd, n departure whlch sooner or lnter must pm. rluce n Profound chnnza ln thlncs and candl- tlnns presently sxlstlnz, lnopc thls chanze wlll he for the good only. for. lf lt were otha,-_ wise. I wish_that I had never mode the lnven- tlon. The future may nr may not 59" cu; my bresent eonvlr-tions, hut I cannot refraln Irom‘sayln: that It ls dllfleult for me to see at :resent how with such a TITTITUTUIU Wfflllillt to arent norfsrtioneas lt undouhtedlywlllbeln the course ot tlme. zuns can malntaln themselves ns weapons. *We shall he able, by nyalllnz our. selves_oI this sdvsncd. to sends projectile at muoh :renter dlstsnes, lt wlll not be llmlted. ln any war by wehzht or amount or explosive shares. we shall be able to submenu lt at W.. . ,f., \ ff". I", '_' :. ékiaiiiicax’ manése ¢t'_|n`1u’mrm.'ena san -fl husk. and to send It out asain and exnlode lt 'st wlll,.sndQ.more t an t`hl].lty1ll never melts 1_a xnlss. slnoeall`oha ¢o“ln this regard. lf hlt- i tlpg thgrohieotbf attic _were at sll rermlrerl. ls' ellhxtqgted. [mt Lhemhlal 'feature of punch a weanhn ls htlll=tA> be told.,-hsmbly. it-may he 'neue to respond only to arertaln note or tuna” it may be endowed with eemétlva power. .Ill- reotly such an arm ls producolfl. lt becomes sl- ~rnnst'l_fnnosslbIe tdmeet lt wlth s eorresnond- lmi dehelopment. 'It ls ln l“hls` fosture..p¢r~ .hsysj moretfinn ,ln~lts pownruf destruction. thgyt lts tendency to arrest the development nf arms 'a£nd.w stop warfare wlll realism Wlth renewed thanked remaln; very trnlz. youre, New Yonxf Nqr. 19. 1958. . N. 'I‘|:sLsi,_