Tesla's Call From Mars?

Thursday, January 3, 1901
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The New York Sun January 3, 190 1 ~ .» ». » el. ~-:’ -»s ---_.-.r,~z~l»¢;.l",=¢ J .. ?l'llsLl.s,.clLnFlloll llllllssl t _. , ,,,. -_ .1.,.__i_.._.-._.,,»r_ sous P1.A1vs1'.~u' -lzsxin ro» lu. _ urslortnhnrs gacauvs-. ~ lssaanm or `a. an neva;-u ae-` enaea wsu lll'Wa|~K‘Ill| zueuleal Cssldltfeas s\fA_Peak la (Islands-'lf ll¥(\%*t lanklsew lerssssisll as wer Not qulte two years ago Mr. N'lkolA Teeth wsat outta Colorado to oonduet experiments In rslatloh tp the wlrelaan transmttsalon of energy. whloh has ehgagedl hla attention. for several years. Mr. Tesla found ltneoss- -aAry. ln order to cArry.oo llls Investigations and bla experiments to th; extent he dstlrel. td` work At an Altltude of several thousand* feet. He found oondltlons sultablu for bla purposes hi Colorado and went out there, ln the aprlltz of 1599, hullt A laboritory About (sn mflea from Plke's Peak and wenxtf work. What he aooompllshed. ln the elnh or nlas months whll s was working tllsre he has n-the NatIonAl,'Red»0reaa.- sh was arranging for the end of the ~oentury meet-' llwl GLR-s.rarjldua blanohss thrtiulbrilllftlld ‘°°\||'¢\’7. asked Mrifresla to Indioetmwhat, In Nl orlnloa. we\lld'be one or ,tae great' lclltetbmonls of the oomlnfoengllry. behave just A hint of one of the wonders e dlsooyered la Colorado. _ In A more elaborate way Mr. Tesla dwelt on hls work lo A Bvnumao yesterday after- Ineon. he l’yI1'l!dl`Yl|-I latest results As far and away the most lmportant he has eier attalnsd. Brlelly. Tesla has been Ahle to note A novel maalfestatlon of sherry. whlnh he haows Is not of solar or terrestrlalorlgfn, 'And. belnl neither. bs oonoludes that lt nluat _emanate from _one 'ef the 'planetag While be was oonduotlng hls investlntlone In bll_ Colorado laboratory one day the Instrument he was uslnz toobssrve tha ele¢tHoa.\ oon- dltlon of the earth v/aa aReoted in an un- accountable manner. it recorded thme dl!- tlnot. though very falnt movements. one Afthr the other. These movements were observed not once, but mshy tlmes. the number of Immllses 'vu-ylnz. and Mr. Tesla now flrnlly believes that, with Improved Apparatulrlt wlll be quite pqaalhle for the people of the _earth to oominunleate wlth the lnhabltanis of other planets. In telling About hls work and his dlsooverles h!r.Ts.sla saldl _ 'I waht to Colorado early la lay; lm. "0 “lyed thee sbolll eI|h¢ months. 'I bellows that darlne thlstllas I did more wort than l_muld have done la tha diy th-three years on Account of the lnarvellously lnvI|~ oratlng ollmate. X was compelled to go elther to Colorado or to Callfornll, ‘aa only ln these two Stat: could I obtain power at A hlgh altltnde. whl0h'w|s neosesary for certaln Inysstl|atlona` I had In vlew relatlye to the tranamlsalon of power In abcordsnre with A method l had Invented. I had tested the eondltlons at ses level thoroughly. and wanted to know In how far my laboratory Obeervetlona would Ayres wlth practleal tests at h||»h altltudes. Colorado was nearer than Collfornla and I had somsfrlendl latlonn In Colorado Bprlnlfl. and this “de- termined me to select that nel|h8orh00d for my Dlsoe of obaervallon. » » 'A laboratory was erected on an elevatlviii at A distance of About ten mlles from PIke’s Peak. I set nut to carry on my experlmsnts along three dl1ferent'lInaa: Flrst. to ascer- ¢lln the beet oondltlons for transmitting power wlthout wlree; second. to develop ap- Plratus for the transmlaslon of nlellsgaa across the Atlantlo and Psolflo oceans. o which problem I have been engaged for elght years, and. thlrd. to work on Another prob- lsln.> whlfh Involves A atlll greater mastery of electrical fo;-ees and whleh. with my present knowledge. I tvmalder of stlllt greater lm- portanee than even the transmlsslon of power wlthout wIres. and whlch I shall make known in due course. There viere, however. mums- Dua Dolnta to betfolnld out About electrloal vlhratlons, and there were Actlons on whlch l was etlll la doubt, In my lsl\’¢Tl-awry ln New York I wall Able to |o only to electrical dlacbarges of ll feet ln |en|'th and X had only reached ellectlve elaotrlcal pres- sures of about !.000.000 volts. To carry tlfe problems on whloll lwas worllIn| farther I had to master electrlcrll pressures of~at- leaat 50,000,000 volts. and elsctrloal discharges were necessary for some purpose tneesur-' ln; At least flfty or one hundred feet. " ‘The results 1 attained were far beyond Any 1 had expected to roach. and thls has forolbly brought tom? mlnd the etlmulatllw snhusnge of nature _lhselsrltldo reeoanr . mln .that n nl v ,on was nooln- arably claar=r?so°g1u6h'~so thatgl could Blok back In thoueht to m laborqory ln New york. and In examl n|~fa|p\lIar b- Jeou ln the rooms there l could notloe gba smmllest scratches on them. and ln scam nun the features of my aaslstanta I could llo ce the sllxllteat marks on_ thetrfstol, as thnuulzl thsay had been actually before llle. New In the ally the tal Images Us *rnuch dnller. 'One of the hrat obaervstlo I made ln Colorado was of Kreat sclentlflo ltnror- tanoe and oondrmstory of A result 1 ha al- idldy-ohtalned ln New York. l refer Io my lsnovery of the lstatlonary electrlhal waves In the earth. 'l‘he silhlllcanoe vf thla gl:- nomenon has notyet been lrasped by tae - dal men. Put lt virtually Amounts to A posl- tlvs roo that, wlth proper Apparatus. such as l have Perfectedx s w roleas trarlanllaalon of algnals o any po nt on the :lobe lagaotl- cable. When I rsad'statem to t e - rent that ellen A thlnz ls I selhls. and recall the numeroda adverse urltlolsms 0 my expressed oonlldsnce that ll oan _‘Atl- lnatel acoomplhlh thls, 1 experienos a eel- ln(_oIsat}efu:tlon.* t I * n per on nl: m Appara ua enooun- urse At nm ll-rlmnhfllmmea 1 had New narrow escapes from sudden eipsrka Jump- In| out to great dlstanoe. an _ A number of tlmes my laboratory caueht flre but 1 oarrled all the work tllrellgn wlllloul. A serl- ous mlahnp. lxradually learnedhcw to ooo- nne electrlcal currents of preaaure of 50,- 000,000 volts: ho - to produ electrical move- ments ur to ll0.000 hor wer and l suo- ceeded nnobtalnln eoctrlcal dlsoharns measuring €rom'snd to end 100 feet and more. 'T oee results were. however ren- dqrgd mer. valuable by the fact that they opened up atlll greater posslbllll-las 'for the' future. ~ _ _ "Parallel wlth the dsvggpment of my maohln ry 'for the_produ<~ n of kowerful elfeclsi also _perfected novel met ods for detectln feehe electrlcal aetlons. whleh, I feolcungdent. wlll belmnortant ln a flumbfr nt llnea of aclentlflc research, To ll ustrats the efflcacy of these methods I need on y Aay lhat, whereas ln ordinary flnely ad usted Hertzlaa llpnllapoes a llll-fllnlnz disc arlze could be dsnentedtgt s dlsulnce oronly soo Iles, wlth my me ods lt was easy to observe me elfoct ln the rifelvlnllr lnatrumeht at I dlstanre of l,l00 m es. t wan. ln act. ln' lnvsatlzstlnz foeble electrlcal nctlons trans-A mitted through .the earth that I made some observations whlcll are to me the moat ,rud- f lnlr. Y (’hlef amonz these were eertaln noble eleetneal el-turlmacem whloh l could barely nous at Lllnes and w ch by thelr oharaeter unl:nlatakA_gLy showed that theg were nelther of solar o l¢ln nnr produced y any causes` krlnwn to_me on the lrlnbs. _ "\Vhat‘coll!d they be! I have lncessantly thought of thls for months llnlll flna ly Arrlved at the nent-Irtlnn_ anlolxntlnrg to almost knowledlrs. that they must bv o planetary 0|-1g|n_ .Aa I ln: over lt new lt seems to me that only men absolutely stricken wlth bllndne-ls, lrmenslble tu the qrnatness of natlure, can hold that this planet Is thlo only nno lnllnblted by lntelllunt bolnza. have r-rfl~f~l¢~d my Iransmlnlnz llrlnaratus so Par thnt l mn ,undertake to ronatruct s marhlne vrhlvll wlll wllhouf the slghtset doubt he fully colnnetnnt to oonvey-so clent enor¢y.to the planet Mm? to nperatrone of tlu-ae gellente nnpllnncea-whlell we are now llslnlz src, ns, for lrgstance. A very srnslllve tflelrrauh or_ telerl time _l_n»\lrl.;merlé. Nez; ! Ill!! \'P OUTIP VN! QF!! ffl Y D0 BTI VIH ls It unreasonable tn at least belleve In the Doaalhlllly that of th! fwvrlty or twenty-flvo nlllnetsl nf the unlar system one, If not mnre. ' mllrht he alwlld nf llsln tllu ovnllltlnnfrr Where th:-re ls sun's llnat and _lnolsturtn s must _orlfrlmltn and must zo on developlnlr just A.s o. a 'mv mllat fnll to I-/lrth. , V ‘K would hnve abstained from nlnklnz the eohservatlonl known for some tlme yet, had I not been snkrd by the Red Cross Bn- el.-ly tn are ll allnrt ex§resAlnn of oplnlon pr their neetlnlm an ow Year'| eve. I ave entorlnlned a llrofvllna rvapgwt for the lied f‘1-nan ever slnm my boyhood. wherhl wlll; :old thilt tIhe_knlere_apnegrancedofnt la IOCE h IIB B ln! llll I VINCE - 030 wmfumlrn rmm-fee f l belleil YGIYY lr' to be tha noblest and wnrthleat Aasoelatlon 'ln.exlafsnoe. and there was nothlna whloh I could have refused to them and furtllgr- more }1i@\lrod to qlve them my best. la dlsoovery, In my op nlnn, war my best. Improved means nf Invest Kit on we l soon he able to ang out whether Indeed these disturbances whto h ve not Ana what I feel they must be The t haaeertalaly £f2,g§§=é“-:»lf~f- _... ' ~ ’“-~ ‘~ ' fl lm” .# d to' m work In other 'blob-nllrhrvi .allsgralseously o - W. If YNINH has _ mos Ast factory. andiume that soon eleotrloal energy may ga( \0|-|lBé|;l|8l€g.l'llll|1'|rnYlYlhd su .aa, orress Import- *Q ag t we hav evar' one heretofore. e d e :Isa are stlll :sermons to be sure. hav 'dooh that we uld sol look vul to ovareon; them. What wlll prorress unqueat onably lla the fact t' the lllllkff u!_ eeotrlosl\ vgraltlons renvlsghlgzother arte, not only A oroush tee n wledze but Years of eontlnu- ou~ Erformanoe. Our eo lens are ,rapldly :lam #_ out skilled ardg taleélted mounz mem- . I VCI’ `|'lGll\| UD Ol! UI W bsdhanlpduurther-by tbe_m.` y l 3