Letter: Wireless On Railroads

Tuesday, March 26, 1907
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The New York Times March 26, 1907 WIRELESS ou HAILROADS. ' Nlkoll Tuln Say: It lu Perfectly ,FIG tical and Wlll Soon Bo In Un. To (M Ilfmrof ‘|‘M.!no Yorl fllké' No A1-lumen! in node# to new thai the PHUTOIUI offnr optnortnnluen fnf IQVII5 uncut mn of l. urnctlul winless' III- tem. Without question th wlden field , . of lnppllcntlon ||_the conveyance to the trllni f o meh. trneral infurmalion u Ilffldll; pn-nublo for keeping the ix-nveler In touch with the vqorld. In the near future s tile- rgrnphic pHn¢nr of nerd n nt . oak ticker, A telephone, and other kindred dppllnnoeu will form part: gf tho renlu vqlreleu equipment of a rnllmd lrxrn, Burial _ht th!! sphere In all che more etnun, u :nh new ll nqr inengdnlimle bps., on lu. eontmm, very )xe1n!u!'¢o 'zhc aid. The Nehhkll diffidlllkl lr! m|U||l1l0d by tho' emplqymem. of n trumniiin the ef-» fectlvm¢lu‘o{-which ll unlmpdred by dfbkhmek I prop¢r'y_1mxmny¢¢ safety doifeuq on tht ur; hrs lrgbnkly' needed. But upon cudnl `lnv\st|gal|on';!t tlllgbq round that the nugget ln thll direction is' not veryprom. ldlni, pr the wlrelem ut. In; znmfint ‘pints IM rqllronqn nrfrnpldly changing po elentxia motive power; and In nil such ,Cl-‘fl U16 Hnés become SYGUIUIE tor'!h§ operatlonja! All sorta 'of slgnnllng np- pnvmu. or 'Which nm lelephéné ls byfhr the? -mmv linportlint. This valuable `ifn~ prrivement In due‘¢o`l?rnf. J. Puley. who lnlrdmuqcd ll In Gu-mdnf eigh¢_ nan ago, W ennblfnf the 'engineer' or ronduelbr o any znln to all 'up nny Qther trsln or nnluop alan; me und; lna obtain ful! and umn|¢nimn|»_mmfm¢mm, on llawlty of colllslonis and othsr l.CCfd!l|l wil bo greatly reduced. Public opinion nhnuld cnmpel' (hd lmrhodiats ldvvllon dt this Invention. 'Rhone rondh whl¢h` do .not contempltfo thlir franufurmhuon _ might walt jnonp nelyon at wfrelésl-tmnamrsninn for aiml- |¢r purposes; "hue lmumueh u every lrnlnjwill requlrs In nddluon to nr com plete milf!! lh Q‘lD(f( ppemiof; msuy rodds may prelgryto use 1 wire, ,unlelfl whzeleu telebhons cnn bg ollerpd lu (hem, NIKOLA TEBLA. New' York; March 25. 1007- !\»`Ylf`Y- of the |Nl(,l0l!9f at Uh Ind.