Letter: Sleep From Electricity

Saturday, October 19, 1907
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The New York Times October 19, 1907 SLEEP FROM ELECTRICITY. ._.._...-.1- Nikola Tesla Notod Nnrootlo Influ- ence: of Porlodlc Currontu ln 1898. To tha Editor o/ The New York Tiller: I lmvu road wlth lnterolt tho reporus ln Tn: 'hun ot thu lfllh And 15th lnutl. ro- rnrrlng to Prof. Loduzru ullcovery ot’ caus- ing slncp hy ole-ctrlu monnl. Whlll! ll. ls pmmlble that he has mms A dlallnct H114 vunrec there ln no novelty ln the effect ltsdlf. Tlm nnrcntlc Influence bf certain perlédlc currents wus long ago discovered by me :tml hnn he¢»n polntrd outsln coma ot. my tvclmlml publications, among whlcll I may mcntlnn a paper on " Illgh Fre- f|\ll‘ll(!y Onulrlntors for Electro Them- nctxtlc und Othrr- Purpnmsn," read hemrc thu Amerlcnn Electro Thennpeutlc Kuo- <-lntlun Supp, lil, llsilll I have also nhown that lxumunk tlniuon offer llttlo 'nnslstunoa tu lhé olectrlé flow and suggested an abno- lutély pnlnltiin method ef electrocutlon by pnnnlng tha current; through the brnln. It ln very llkely that Prof. Leduc hnn taken advantage nf the mme general prlnclples lhouxh ho nppllu Lllu uurremti ln uydlfft-rent manner, In one rfspect. huwnvnr. my obnervmtlona ure at vnrlanqu wlth Lhole reported. From mg npeclpl dispatch ln Tm: Tutu of the lflth lnnt. lt would BDl)¢nr that :loop ll ln- rluccd the moment tha curréntrare turned on, and that nwakunlnz fqllovll au soon nn tho electrode: nro withdrawn. Il. ll. or course, lmpnnnlblu to téll how strong xt current mm umploycd. but the rollstnnoo of the held mlght _lxtwo beén, perhnpl, 3.000 ohms, so that ul thlrty volts the current could have been only About M100 of nn nmpene. Now. I hnvo pauod n nurrx-nt nt least. 'll.000 tlmeu stronger through my helm and dll! not lose con- uclounnuns. but !_ lrwuflubly fell _lnlti u lcthurglc nlweap aome tlmb after. Thln (net nnprenunrmqllwlth certfmln urrumentn or Prnt, Barker or Columbll Unlverilly ln your lnnue of Sept. 15. I have nlwnyn been convinced that ole-c- lrlt: annontlxenlu will become pnctlcut, but the lppllcnllbh or current! to the brnln ln no dellcntn ond dungcroui an operation thnt. the new xnethod will roqulru long ann careful ekperlmantatlon. before lt can lan uma with cerlltutlb. _ NIKOLA TESLQ. New York. Oct. 10.-~llXY1.