Letter: Possibilities Of 'Wireless'

Tuesday, October 22, 1907
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The New York Times October 22, 1907 POSSIBILITIES 0F ‘ WIRELESS! Nlklola Tun Sly: Dlstdncc Form; No Obstacle to Tranamlnlon nf Eng-gy. To fha Editor ol The .ww fuk 1‘mu_ In )'0\|‘ ISHN ol (BQ YIHI lull. ‘fifllnun mplnfs statements whlch <~=u\nn\ fall lo Create ermncoua lm|1l‘8lll»ox\u. TBP" ll la as vas: ¢\lH<-rl-me bvlwten prlmltlvn Hnnxwqvg ngnnlllng pm;- llcable to bul A few mllezu, and tha gram nrt or Flivriesn lmhamlrnllon nl hung; whlcll enables an exyien to uunimlv.. lo nm' distance. not only slygnnls. mil pow(-r ln uhllnxllvui Amounts, and ol wlleh the exne|'ln|enla_acfo|s thu Atlnmlr: urs n crude ,ap_pllentlon. The plnnu ne qulle Inefflclenl. unaulxnblb tm- finer work. and rnmliy :loomed KU nn effecv. lean thnn l ver oem. of \h|-I I ll&iilGJ ha my lun ln l@‘J~ sfmm mann mn mr Hlrum Muum ls blowlng not slr. The I|\r:\ ll Il] Long lnlnml nlant will lrunmtl lk1\0l‘ lt! en- llre oqergy to the snllpodsl. if desired. A; to llLrtln'» communloillon I ann only say. thu I ahah be :ble to attain n wave acllvlxy of &)0.K|00.000 horn power ma l. nlmpla caleulnlmi vvlll show, mn rm ln- hnblhnts ol (bn planet, if them be muy. 'noeq nog have A Lord Rtlelfh 1| aezecx the Q\ll\12‘|Jlh&¢ Referring to your edltorml mmumm ul win Ante the qleltlon ol wrlrelev lnlor- fsrencs 1| punling only henna of lu novehy. The und0rlyln| princlpln 1; old. and ll hu presented Ind! for cumlderr lion ln numeroun form; Jun! now ll npnesrn in um novel unch Q! nvrlul nu/l|nllon und wlrolctl trnnnmlaslon. Every humln effort nw!! vi ll‘