Letters To The Editor - Tesla On Wireless

Friday, October 25, 1907
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The New York Tribune October 25, 1907 LETTER S T0 THE EDITOR TESLA ON WIRELESS. Electrical Inventor Thinks M arconi'e Plante lncyficient. To the Editor ot The Trlbunet Blfl In so far as wireless art ls concerned there il I vut difference between the great tnventor 'n*°‘“\| A. Edison and myself. lntegnlly tn my !¢v°1'~ Hr nelson knows moe of the theory and Preotloe of eleetrleal vlbratlons; I have, ln this 'P°°|l| Held. probably more experience than any or 1117 Cnhtemporarles. That you sro not as yetabls 10 lmvlrt your _wisdom by wireless telepbone to some subscriber ln any other part ot the world, however remote] and that the presses of your val- U\\>l° DIDGY are not operated hy wlreless power ls |l\‘lG\¥ due to Your own eftort and _those of some of Your dlstllltullhed oentrcres of this ctty. and to the emclent assistance you have received from my celebrated colleagues, Thomas A. Edlson and Mlcheel I. Pupln_ assistant consulting wlreless en- glnsers. But it was-all welcome to me. Dlmoulty develops resource. The transmlsslon across the Atlsntlo was not made by any devlce ot Mr. Msrconrs, but by m! lyllens of wlrelese transmlsslon ol enerly. and I hlvi l\"°l\<|Y llven notlce by cable to my friend Blr James Dewar and the royal tnstltutlon ol thls fact. I shall also request some emlnent msn ot sclenoe to take careful dots ot the whole aDDl' l1l\ll. its mode of operation. dlmcnslons, llnear and electrtcsl. all constants and qualltsttve Perform- ance. so as to make possible lts exact reproductlon andfe revetltlon of the experiments. This request ls entirely tmpersonel. I am a cltlsen ot the Unlted States. and I know that the time wlll come when my ~busy fellow cltlsens. too absorbed ln commer- olal pursults to thtnk ot posterity, wlll honor my memory. A measurement of the time lntervnl taken in the passage of the slgnal necessary to the full and posltlvs demonstration wlll show that the current crosses the ocean with a mean BDSM of 65.000 mlles a second. The Maroonl plants are lneftlclent, and do not lend themselves to the practice of two dlscoverles of mine. the "art of tndlvtdualtzatton." that makes the message non-lnterferlng and non-lnterterable, and the "stationary waves," whlch annlhllats dll- tanoe absolutely and make the whole earth equlvs- lent to a conductor devold of reelstanoe. Were li not for thla detlelency. the number of words a mlnute could be Increased at wtll by "lndlvldual- tlln|'." You have already commented upon this advance ln terms which have csuled ms no small astonlsh- mont, ln vlew of your normal attitude. The under- lylng prlnelple ls to combine e. number of vibra- tlnns. preferably slightly dlsplaced, to reduce further the danger ot lnterlsrence, actlve and passive. and to make tha operation ot the recelver dependent on the co-operative ettect of a number ot attuned elements. Just to lllustrats what can DQ done. suppose that only tour vibrations were Iso- lated on each transmltter. Let those on one stde be respectively a. b, o and d. Then the tollowlnl lndivtduallsed llnes would be ab, ac, ad. bc. bd. od. abo, abd, acd_ bod and abed. The same srtlcle on the other etds wlll |\ve eleven elmllar oomblnatlons, and both together twenty-two llnes, whlen can be slmultaneously operated. To transmlt one thou- sand words a mlnute, only forty-six words on each combination are necessary. It the plants were suitable. not ten years. aa Edison thlnks. but ten hours would be necessary to put thls Improvement Indo practice. To do thls, Msrconl wlll have to re- construct the plants. and lt wlll then be observed that the lndetatlgabls Italian has departed from unlvsrsal engtneerlng customs tor the fourth tlms. New York. Oct. 26. WW. NIKOLA TEBLA.