Electrical Control Of The Weather Will Soon Be An Accomplished Fact

Sunday, November 15, 1908
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The St. Louis Republic November 15, 1908 . \¢\!'4-b'¥'¢£*¢¢+¢°€°~)¢(°4“?~252°{“Z~1~&°>*2-><~{°£°4°¢~C~£ ELECTRICAL CONTROL UI-` THE WEATHER WILL SO0N BE AN ACCUMPLISHED FACT Qxtkom 'l’ES'L_\. "For more than ('l$!llf.0Pl’1_}'€3Y`S I have experlmented with the ntntospllerlo effects of electrlcal discharges ot ttemendoustirengtll. In my latest pluntff ekpcct to get a rnaxlmurn rate of electrical _dlsclmrge apnroxlxnzxtlng 1.000,1lU<\,1J0) horse-power. \~“hlle I am not fi\I'llLTTl'\.Y`;\\’T[|\'Ul0 experiments along this llne ot anyone else. I have no hesltnncy in 'gleclarlngthat the next step ln the xi1as~ tery ot_man over Nature wlll. be the hhsolute corrtrol ol' the \\'eatlle:‘," » Thls statement, mawle by Nlckola. Tesla admlttedly one ol the ;:rr~utest elec- trlelans or the age. when told of the recentfexperiments looking toward the control of the weather hy eleetrlclty' made Ly John A. Grahme. “Atmospheric effects, such as Mr. `Gra,hi-ne claims to he able to produce." continued Mr. Tesla, "necessltate the prnductlou ot electrical (TT!Z(`|'l(\‘l`§€!4 fax; beyond any that have yet been obtnlvneu `by 1\`i~tlf`lefn.l means/ That. hokvever, is a mere detztll. I am convlnr-ed that Weather eonflltlnns are ur electrlcal‘o:'- lgln, and so must be suseebtlble ol' electrical -control. _ _ _ "I believe the day ls near 'when fnsin wlll not only forecast the weather wlth absolute accuracy, 'but will control lt. ,Any 0116111 ttllfitmillahr wlth tho flelds 'opened up 'by recent. c-xperlments with hlgh-tenslon 1-lw-trical currents would lxesltate to`draw`t_he llne between the possible ,and tlleixnpusslble. _ » ".»\t present we are at the threshold of an“éru. pregnant wlth tremendous pnssitillltlesz' Everyfnew dlscovery opens up new llnes ol 'thought and eesearchf and despite the wonfders that"haf1}'e-been aceomfllkheddurlng me _pest hnltrgn. tury, the surface hai ha?d1v_»been écratched. ~ _ - - ` ~ ~"()f` course, every man exploring ln nn-uxxdevelopecivneld ls u liuti 'furzthg rltllulle of ia wlteptlcal publlc E\et'\ announcement of 'L etep fotnaxd ln the rlelde of Sclénee and lnxenllon has _:een greeted wlth eneexe .-xnrl tnbellef Public oplnlon crucllled Chrlet xmpxlvonefl C1.llleo and branded columbus a. lunatlc work along‘ mmllztr llneq 1 am no ltl\<- that the results he tl xlmw may pgggl T, ble of accomplishment and that thls meat ntohlem wlll be solu-ll ln the very nearnfuture ` ' - 1 » ' .5 ‘v E _I V-J 1 A ‘ I I . NI ltnow nothing ot'tlx`e'eé~--:~:~->~e»f-¢»-:-'»-:- "