"Tesla, America's Own And Only Non-Inventing Inventor"

Thursday, April 6, 1899
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ro 'rowN 'romcs April 6, 1899 TESLA, America`s Own and Only Non-Inventin Inventor, the Scien~ tist of the Delmonico Café and \Valdor!-Astoria Film Garden,1rz\s been at it again. This time the news of young Marconi's success in tele- ra lung through space tired Tesla to feats hitherto undreamed ol, and ge glled columns in the Herald-which paper, I much fear me, inclines to help Tesla make aguy of himself-with profound droolin sabout volts and resistances and circuits and ampéres and things anfthings. Tesla says he can do everything that Marconi has done. OI course he doesn't really do them, but that may be because he is afraid someone else may fund out how they are done. He knows all about the theory and the practical machinery of Marconi's messages throufh miles of space, and could prove it too-if old Bill _[ones was alive. ndeed, the actual results of the methods of the two inventors show only this slight diderence: Marconi telegraphs through space and Tesla talks through space.