Celebrating our 1st Year Annivesary

Hurrah! The Tesla Society is celebrating it's 1st Year Anniversary at theteslasociety.com! Show your support by getting one of our 100 limited Edition Tesla Society T-shirts and also get a free life time membership to the society with an official certificate!

It's been a long hard road getting The Tesla Society together, finding long term voluntary staff to help organize, run and maintain the user group and discussions on facebook, performing the function of the weekly and daily video and quotes of the day, as well as ensuring the same high quality of content that is the philosophical, artistic and scientific debate all the members of the society have now grown familiar with and grown to expect.

We hope that The Tesla Society UK has now grown into an international legacy where users from all over the world can truly unite, discussing , debating and learning the understandings , ideas and character which was nikola tesla without barricade or resistance and in a competely open and free way. The Tesla Society has always encouraged discussion, understanding and freedom of expression. This group founded on the principle of truth and dignity, but most of all to preserve the high but nonetheless victorian sensibilities of a truly great man, Nikola Tesla. Although that others cannot always see it, this one beacon of light, thanks to you, continues.

Best Wishes,
Adam Bull
Editor +
The Tesla Society Volunteer Staff
The Tesla Society